Volunteer Instructions

Thank you for volunteering!

Please look through this section and print out the pages that relate to what you are doing and bring them with you for reference. Alphabetical order.


Check your assignments — any problems, email volunteer@foolsrun.com by Friday before race day. After that speak to the weekend volunteer coordinator (TBA).

VOLUNTEER TRAINING PARTY: 5-7pm Tuesday before race day at location TBA. Please attend!! Get info and maps, ask questions, meet your area captain. Prize draws, discount on food & drinks. Youth-friendly venue. Strongly recommended for first-time volunteers.

If you have any questions about your volunteer position, please ask before race weekend! Please take personal responsibility to learn about your task, so you can show up knowing exactly what you should be doing. Ask us the “what if” questions ahead of time.

All volunteers MUST CHECK IN on Saturday or Sunday on race weekend (same day as your 1st job):

  • Saturday – 2:00-4:30pm at PaceSetter Athletic (Holy Crap building), 622 Hough Rd.
  • Sunday
    • For volunteer jobs in Gibsons and Roberts Creek, sign in at the Community Centre (Room 209) between 7:30 and 8:45am.
    • Volunteering first/only at the finish area or marshalling in Wilson Creek/Davis Bay: sign in at the Volunteer HQ (house) in Mission Point Park, starting at 8:00am.
    • Water station 3 & 4 volunteers (only): check in with your water station captain on site – they will have your t-shirt (no pickup elsewhere).

If your position needs a visi-vest and/or stop/slow paddle, these will be signed out to you. Do not switch with another volunteer. Each item has a number on it and we keep a record of who has what.

There is no parking inside Mission Point Park. Vehicle access is for drop off only, for sponsors, suppliers, media, crew. Please park at the beach parking lot or on side streets in Davis Bay.

Volunteer HQ will be inside Mission Point House in 2021.

Please familiarize yourself with the race information at foolsrun.com, especially as it relates to your area. Everything you need to know is on there or in this section. Study the maps. Print out your instruction sheet and bring it with you. Being informed ahead of time means you don’t need to use a cell phone during the event.

We are aiming to be a ZERO WASTE EVENT as much as possible. Please make use of the recycling/composting bins at the finish area! Bring your own coffee mug and/or water bottle!

Dress appropriately for the weather. Layering is best.

Remember to SMILE and HAVE FUN! The participants are our “customers” and we want to give great customer service! Be pleasant and positive at all times.