Finisher Medal Handout

volunteer instructions :: finisher medal handout

Stand near the back of the giant tent in the finisher chute and put the medals around the runners’ necks as they come by.

Say ‘Congratulations’ and keep smiling!

Every half marathon & relay finisher gets a medal.

Kids’ Jester Dash finishers get their own type of medals starting in 2020. Only kids who show their Jester Dash hand stamp receive a medal.

Relays will have 4-digit Running Room numbers (solid colour background). Give the appropriate # of medals (2 or 4) – ask if they are a 2 or 4 person team.

Direct the runners to the food tents, mention Gear Pickup from the cube truck behind the finish line.

If runners ask about their “personalized” medal – explain that the tab with their name and time will be engraved and mailed to them separately, in about 3 weeks, to stick into the indentation on the back of the medal.