Finish Line Clean-up

volunteer instructions :: finish line clean-up

Put all recyclables and compostables in the appropriate bins. I know at the end it’s tempting to just start putting everything in the garbage… but please don’t! It means hours of dirty work for us before we can pack up and go home.

All actual garbage should be condensed into ONE garbage bin. Leave the other 2 empty.

Folding tables need clearing off and folding and stacked near the food tents.

Sponsor banners need to be rolled up and put into the correct tubes they came in, if applicable. IMPORTANT: sponsor banners must never be folded as that damages them. Rolled only!

The BMO teardrop flags will be taken care of by BMO staff.

Tents all come down and go into the correct bags they came in, if applicable.

IMPORTANT: the pennant tape (coloured triangles) must be stored a particular way. Do not wrap it around your arm in a loop like you would a power cord. If it’s done incorrectly it takes hours to untangle and fix, and damages it. The correct way is to fold it back and forth, lining up the triangle flags in a single pile. Then roll them together and wrap the end of the thin cord around them and tuck in the end to secure. If you’re not sure how to do it, it’s best to leave it alone.

All leftover small supplies, awards, etc. should be packed up neatly and compactly and loaded into the PaceSetter van. Large items go in the Prime Rental trucks. Larry and Geoffrey will organize the loading of those. In general, borrowed items go in the gear check truck, our own items go in the truck with the cones.

Volunteers can take leftover food items. Any remaining should be placed into the PaceSetter van (we can take bagels and fruit to the Food Bank).

Empty out all opened water bottles and coolers, and coffee urns. Food captain to keep track of borrowed urns and containers, to make sure they get returned to their owners right away.

Look around the park for any litter or small items and clean up.

Please don’t leave the site until EVERYTHING is loaded into vehicles and the site is clean.

With ALL of us working together we can get finished much faster and then go relax for the rest of the day! (at the pub?)