Awards and Draw Prize Pickup

volunteer instructions :: awards pickup

You will be located under a tent beside the stage near the finish chute. You’ll have a table and 2 chairs.

You will need to set out the awards on the table so you can find them easily.


There are some draw prizes that are to be given out based on a pre-drawn list of winners. Write the bib numbers with a sharpie on poster board & put up on the tent (attach to corner posts or put on table). There may be extra names on the list – just use as many as there are prizes, starting from the top.

The prizes will be numbered and printed on a list. People aren’t going to be choosing, just give them the prize # that corresponds to their # on the winners’ list. Only exception – if a gift certificate is marked “LOCALS ONLY” be sure that someone from the lower Sunshine Coast gets it.

As people come to see if they’ve won, and claim their prize, be sure to check off their name from the winners’ list (but don’t obliterate it). Ask to see runners bibs (to verify it’s really them).


The awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each age category (M & F) will also be given out here. StartLine Timing will give you lists of the top 3 in each age group as they are available.

This year, the top 3 age group winners each get a medal (gold, silver, bronze).

Relay awards: Small merchandise prizes. Top three 2-person relays in 2 categories (women’s and mixed) and top two 4-person relays (2 categories, women’s and mixed).

Group challenge awards: First group overall (no categories). Winning group gets up to 10 assorted items as provided (actual # of prizes based on team size, maximum 10).

Ask StartLine Timing to give you full results pages to post up where runners can view them.

As the winners find out they’ve finished in the top 3 in their division, they will come to your table to pick up their award. Check their bib # against the one on the list, and give them the appropriate 1st, 2nd or 3rd place award and CHECK THEIR NAME OFF as received. (but don’t obliterate the name)

If someone is picking up for a friend or teammate, make sure you write down their name, e.g. “picked up by xxxxx”.


We are accepting donations of CASH for the food bank, on race day. There will be an envelope for this.

We’ll be doing a draw among online donors ahead of time and the winner’s name will be provided to you. The prize will be labelled FOOD BANK DRAW. The winner can pick it up after showing some ID.


The lost and found will be at your tent also. Use a box or bin to hold found items.