Packet Pickup

volunteer instructions :: packet pickup

This is a straightforward job of handing out the prepared envelopes to pre-registered runners. The individual entrants are all sorted alphabetically by last name. Relays are separate.

Put alphabet section signs on the front of the tables. Have the runners form ONE line and the next in line moves to the appropriate section of the alphabet.

Let the participants know that everything they need is in the envelope: safety pins included. Baggage tag too.

Remind them that the bib should be pinned to their chest and clearly visible at the finish line. The timing chip is on the bib so it must not be folded or crumpled. NO BIB = NO TIME.

Also remind them to please run on the shoulder and never in the traffic lane, when on the highway.

BMO gloves can be picked up by the participants. Make them available in bins or boxes nearby.

If they paid for a shirt ($20, not part of registration) it’ll be included in the envelope. They CANNOT CHANGE SHIRT SIZES from another envelope. However, there may be some extra shirts for sale at the registration table. If they need to change sizes and the one they want is available for sale, they can trade. We will not be ordering any more shirts.

The RELAY TEAM kits are in separate bins, sorted by team name.
Ask them to please read the RELAY INSTRUCTION SHEET in the kit (driving info, etc.).
Remind them that the LAST RUNNER WEARS THE BIB WITH THE TIMING CHIP. The other members wear the regular bibs. No early start for relay teams unless they got special permission.


One volunteer handles the money and kit handout, the other takes care of the bib and data entry.

Ask runners to fill out an entry blank. They’ll be located on the table by the inner door, along with pens.

  1. Make sure they’ve filled out the form completely and neatly. Can leave street address & postal code blank if rushed – but get their birthdate, gender, city, and email (legible!) and/or phone. Waiver must be signed.
  2. Get the next bib from the correct pile: individual (PaceSetter logo), relay2 (Running Room) or relay4 (Running Room).
  3. Write the bib # on their entry form in the box provided.
  4. Neatly record the entry info on the appropriate Registration Sheet.
  5. Hand out bib and remind them to wear it on their chest, not covered up.

Note, they can buy a t-shirt for $20, if we have any left. Hang a few up on hangers on the garment rack for display.

If they want to buy a personalized medal insert for $7.50, make sure to note that on their entry form (in the space provided).

Money handler: take payment, make change if needed. Give safety pins, gloves & instruction sheet to registrant.

The entry list sheet is very important and must be given to StartLine Timing at the close of registration (Saturday and Sunday).


On Sunday morning the registration closes at 8:45am. Package pickup closes at 9:00. After this please pack up all unclaimed kits into as few bins as possible, collapse the rest, and put into the PaceSetter van (or another vehicle as directed).

The tables and chairs in Room 209 will need to be folded/stacked and put back in the storage closet and the room completely cleared out, ready for other users. We don’t come back later in the day.

All paper and cardboard gets recycled. Pack into one box and load into the PaceSetter van, or if possible, take with you to recycle later (thank you!).