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Common questions and answers (everyone working at the finish please bring this page!)

Q. Where do I pick up my gear/baggage?
A. From the big van just over there (point to cube truck behind finish line).

Q. I need water right now!
A. It’s under the food tents with the other drinks. There’s also a fountain behind the finish line.

Q. Where’s the toilet/bathroom/changeroom?
A. Portapotty is behind the finish line (to the left, point to it). Indoor bathrooms and change rooms are in the Rotary beach building, follow the path down by the highway to your left and it’ll take you right to it.

Q. Where’s the food/water/coffee?
A. Under the IGA tents (point to them).

Q. Where is the volunteer headquarters?
A. Inside the house (point to Mission Point House)

Q. Where’s the kids activity tent? Where and when does the kids run start?
A. See the tents over there (point towards the highway, east side of the park). Please go around behind the finish line, DO NOT CROSS THE CHUTE. Run starts at 12:15. Older kids go in the first wave.

Q. Can I sign my kid(s) up to run the kids run? When? Where?
A. Sorry, the kids run is full for this year, but you can wait to see if someone doesn’t show up. If they’re not here by 11:45 your child can take their spot if you’re next in line.

Q. Where are the awards? Where are the results posted? Is there a draw prize list?
A. In the tent beside the stage (point).

Q. When’s the awards ceremony? Do I get my age group award then?
A. The ceremony is just for the overall prizing. It will start at approximately 11:20am. It’s on the stage near the finish line. Age group, relay & team awards can be picked up in the tent beside the stage (point). Listen for announcements too. Costume contest will be on stage at 11:45am.

Q. Where do I bring my Food Bank donation?
A. Thanks for donating! We are taking CASH donations only. Please take it to the awards tent (point).

Q. Where are the buses to get back? When do they go?
A. Follow the path near the highway to your left and you’ll get to the parking lot. That’s where the buses load up. They go at approximately 11:30, 12:00, 12:15, 12:35, 12:50 and the last one no sooner than 1:20.

Q. I’m just here watching, can I have coffee/eat some of the food?
A. The food and drinks here are for the participants only. If you walk along the beach promenade in that direction (point towards Davis Bay), there are places to buy food and drinks. It’s a nice walk.