Aid Stations

volunteer instructions :: aid stations


Arrive at least 30 minutes before the first runners are scheduled to arrive at your station, so you have time to set up the table(s) and pre-fill cups and dispensers, and make sure everyone is ready for the runners.

Orange barrel coolers are for water. Blue coolers for Gatorade.

DO NOT put Gatorade in Noah’s Water bottles or the orange barrels. Blue barrel only. Use 3rd Gatorade can to make another half batch if needed (stations 3 and 4 only).

Set up water and Gatorade dispensers, on separate tables. You will have 2 tables. Set them up about 30-40 feet apart. They must be completely off the road so the shoulder is open for runners to use without going into the traffic lane.

Gatorade is provided first, then water (as runners come by). Refill the water barrels as needed, from the Noah’s bottles (place barrel on ground first to make it easier to fill).

Set up 2 garbage cans about 30 and 50 ft past the last table, for runners to throw their cups into (or try).

Everyone at the water stations must wear the vinyl gloves (provided).

Pre-fill as many cups as you have room for – each cup 2/3 to 3/4 full.

Volunteers (with vinyl gloves) holding cups shout “GATORADE” or “WATER”. Spread out along the edge of road, on the verge not the shoulder, about 6 ft between each volunteer, extra space between Gatorade & Water. EVERYONE MUST BE ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE ROAD – the verge. Do not cross the runners’ path. Keep the shoulder clear for runners to use.

Dangle cup by the rim between thumb and forefinger, and move arm with the runner a bit so it’s a smoother grab. Have more ready in other hand. Be prepared to get wet!

HAVE FUN! and SMILE!!! Keep the runners spirits up!!

One person: Keep picking up used cups and putting them in the garbage can/bag. Stacking the cups saves space. Keep vinyl gloves and other garbage separate from the cups, do not put in same bag please.


Coordinate with Teresa to obtain your supplies. If you can pick them up from Halfmoon Bay, great; otherwise we can drop them off to you Fri or Sat. You will be receiving:

  • 18L water bottles (6 for stations 1 and 2, 7 for stations 3 and 4)
  • 2 folding tables
  • 1 blue cooler barrel for Gatorade
  • 2 orange cooler barrels for dispensing the water into the cups
  • A red bin containing cups, vinyl gloves, captain’s hoodie, volunteer t-shirts (for those volunteers not signing in elsewhere), lanyard with key phone #’s, 3 garbage bags (2 big, 1 small)

We need you to supply 2 garbage cans or wire frame bag holders or large bins to hold garbage bags, for collecting used cups.

The smaller garbage bag can be kept near the tables to collect other garbage such as gel pack wrappers and the vinyl gloves.

Pre-mix one batch of Gatorade in the blue barrel at home (2 canisters into 1 full barrel). For stations 3 and 4, bring a wooden spoon or large plastic spoon in case you need to mix up another half batch of Gatorade during the race.

It’s not likely, but if you think you’re running low on water or cups, phone the captain of the first or second aid station to see if they have extra supplies they can drop off to your station (once they’re done). Arrange this long before you actually run out of anything. You can also call the food captain as a last resort, as there will be cups and water at the finish line too.

After last runner (wait for the sweep volunteer on a bicycle): Immediately bring all supplies and used cups to the finish area food tents. The water station captains will be on a list of “allowed” vehicles into the park driveway at the side (past the finish line, beside the fence) – for drop off only, can’t stay parked there. Take the left branch of the driveway to get close to the food tents for drop off.

Unused 18L water bottles, cups and Gatorade go behind the food tents (place near the water/Gatorade table if possible). Bag of used cups and bag of other garbage should be given to the green team. Empty bottles (18L) should be put neatly at the back of the food tents.