Finish Line Setup

volunteer instructions :: finish line set up

RACE DAY 7:30 to 9:30am

Note: There is no parking within Mission Point Park, except for certain vehicles. Please park at the beach parking lot or across the highway at Brookman Park or on Whitaker Rd.

For what to do: see Finish Area Manager Geoffrey. He will have the master plan and let you know where help is needed and what goes where. View the site map below to get an idea of the layout beforehand. Work in small groups to set up each tent area. Some areas need power, via generators or plugging into the outlets of Mission Point House.

Finish Line Map
Click to enlarge – updated map coming soon

Delineators and flagging tape:

To set up finish chute. Attach to finish chute fencing and continue all the way to where the race route enters off the highway. Have one flagging tape end and another begin where the kids run comes into the finish chute, so it can be opened up there during the kids run. The rest of the time, the path crossing the chute should be blocked off to avoid collisions. We don’t want people crossing the chute or the last part of the course during the race.

BMO Teardrop flags:

Place 1 each side of finish line. Place another pair each side of finish chute where the fencing ends.

Sponsor banners:

Use zap straps to hang inside finish chute on the fencing panels.


All outside tables and folding chairs are provided by us and are labelled SCA.

  • 4 tables to go under kids activity tents. Must be in place by 10:45am.
  • 5 tables and 2 chairs for food tents. 4 tables in front, 1 at the back
  • 1 table and 2 chairs for awards tent
  • 1 table and 2 chairs for DJ and announcer
  • 1 table on stage for awards ceremony
  • 1 table and 1 chair for Startline Timing tent
  • We provide a standing rack for medal handout
  • 2 chairs for medical tent.