Green Team

volunteer instructions :: green team

There will be large bins in 3 locations at the finish area. Each location should have 1 recycling, 1 garbage and 1 compost bin. Place 1 set on each end of the food area, and another near the kids’ tent.

At your station, you are responsible for helping people put their waste in the correct bins. Even with signage, people need help with so many options. Study the signs yourself so you know where things go and can direct people quickly and easily.

The captain and team should put the signs on the bins (on the open lids) and then tape actual items to the signs or lids for a very visual clue – e.g. people see a paper cup on a bin, they know the cups go there.

Your captain will let you know what can be composted. The garbage is only for any items that cannot be composted or recycled – the “last resort”.

Be cheerful and friendly to the runners and spectators!

Be pro-active – not passive. If you see someone hesitating, step forward and help them choose the right bin. Otherwise – you have to pull the wrong stuff out… not fun!

The water station supplies will end up at the finish. Mostly used paper cups.

At the end of the event, go around and look for any waste items and put them into the correct bins.

Don’t leave until all the water station supplies have been dropped off, as they need to be disposed of as well!

Captain – please take a photo of the amount of garbage left at the very end (put into 1 bin). We aim for less than half a bin. Make sure only 1 garbage bin is used, the others should be empty or we have to pay for them all.