Finish Line Refreshments

volunteer instructions :: finish line refreshments

Wash hands with soap inside the house. Wear gloves provided, at all times. Use plastic bins to store cut food, keep lids on until served.

The Volunteer HQ people can have some of the coffee cups, milk and stir sticks.

Chop some bananas in half with peels intact and place in clear plastic bin. Leave the rest whole until cut supply is nearly gone.

Bagels: slice in half horizontally, spread SOME with jam OR cream cheese, put into clear plastic bins.

Cookies: as is.

HAND OUT FOOD ITEMS to runners individually, 1 item per person so there’s enough for all. They can’t help themselves! After 12:00, people can come back for seconds if there’s plenty.

***Don’t put everything out at once. Save enough so there’s a bit of EACH ITEM for the last runners who will be coming in around 12:35 or just after.***

Make correct use of recycling bins and compost bins and garbage bins – signs show what goes in and what doesn’t go in. Do not mix garbage with recyclables/compostables, it’s a lot of nasty work to separate them later. Green Team volunteers will help!

Soup: to be served in cups (no spoons needed) by volunteers, from the soup warmer (3 units) and 2 large pots (Run With Soup) on a table – add HOT tap water to warmer reservoirs underneath when setting up, then plug in and it’ll heat up quickly. Tape the provided signs to front of soup table to advertise our soup sponsors. Only fill soup cups half or 2/3 full, so there’s enough for everyone.

COFFEE: Keep coffee area neat and clean, check regularly.
Keep an eye on how much is left (cups and coffee), be ready to send someone to The Daily Roast (604-885-4345) to request more if the supplies seem to be running a little low and there’s still lots of time left before the last runners come in. Note, if milk is running low, IGA is very close by. Keep receipts.

WATER: Pour water from Noah’s bottles into dispensers. Put out a limited # of cups – runners are being encouraged to bring their own drink bottles – but not FILL them. They should take only as much as they would fill a cup with. Note, there is also a water fountain behind finish line.

GATORADE – mix 2 canisters per 1 BLUE barrel cooler of water. Replenish as needed.