Kids Race

volunteer instructions :: kids run

This is a free run for kids age 7 and under. They will be pre-registered and Home Healthcare Network will have the list. There are 50 free spots with a medal, goodie bag and t-shirt, and 15 “run only” spots with no giveaways – just the run and the activity tent.

The activity tent will be open from 11:15 and there the kids can sign in, get their t-shirt and decorate it / colour it, and pick up their goodie bag (toys) if applicable. Each signed in child needs to get their hand stamped (2 different types, depending on if they signed up for full package or ‘run only’).

The run is at 12:15. There will be 2 wave starts. The older kids (6-7) will start in the first wave. One or two minutes later the younger ones will start. One volunteer should lead the kids (need to be a fast runner!)

We will announce the kids run and everyone can watch them and cheer them on. Kids run course is marked on the finish line site map (see below). The course needs to be marked with a few cones at the corners (supplied by us).

At 11:45, someone needs to check that the path is clear all the way around. If any vehicles are blocking it, ask the race announcer to make a request that they be moved.

At 12:00 the kids should be led in a fun warmup. At 12:10 the 6-7 year olds should be taken to the start line to get ready to run! Once they are underway, bring the 5 & under group to the start line.

Marshals for the kids run: As marked on the map. 1 marshal needs to open a space in the finish chute where the kids enter from the side path, then close it again after the last kid is through. Another marshal should be standing where the path emerges from the trees, to temporarily stop people from walking down the path when the kids are about to start arriving (keep the path clear of people). Runners will still be coming in from the half marathon, so the kids need to be guided to stay on the RIGHT approaching the finish. The marshal who opened the chute must stand in the middle of the chute to do this.

Parents can run with the kids but if they ran in the half marathon THEY MUST REMOVE THEIR BIB number first – VERY IMPORTANT (has the timing chip on it)! Announce this at the start.

3 volunteers needed behind the finish line to hand out the special KIDS FINISHER MEDALS (new for 2020) and guide the kids towards their parents. Only kids with the appropriate hand stamp (there will be 2 types, ask Caroline for specifics) get a medal. These volunteers should also keep that area clear of parents with cameras, ask them to stand back.

Afterwards, the kids can come back to the activity tents. They are also welcome to go with their parents to the food tents and get a snack and some water. They must go around the back of the finish line, no crossing the chute in front.

Finish Line Map
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