Volunteer HQ at Finish

volunteer instructions :: volunteer hq

Location: Mission Point House in the park. The volunteer headquarters is a place for volunteers to check in and sign out their supplies if they’re working from the Davis Bay side of things, and bring their vest and paddle back later, and get a snack and coffee. Also to report any problems or find out if any job switching is required (to fill a more critical spot).

The HQ will be open from 8am to 1:30pm.

For those in charge of the Volunteer HQ:

Sign in / sign out volunteers as per the list provided by the coordinator (if you’re on first shift, ask the coordinator for the list ahead of time and print it out). Record the ID’s of the vest and paddle they take. Note the vests have letters as well as numbers (on the left chest), e.g. AFR8.

There will be specific food dropped off (Subway sandwiches) for volunteers.

The coffee carafe labelled SCA is assigned specifically to the Volunteer HQ. Grab a milk/creamer and some coffee cups and stir sticks from the main food tents.