Back-up Results

volunteer instructions :: Back-up Results

This is the back up in case the odd timing chip doesn’t get recorded when someone runs across the mat at the finish – we’ll be able to still get a result from the back-up list.

Working as a pair, standing just past the finish line off to the side (inside the chute), one person will be calling out the bib numbers of the finishers in the order they cross the line, while the other writes them down in columns with the time beside, using a clipboard. You’ll be under the giant inflatable tent. Be careful not to block the official photographers and videographers behind you.

Write the minutes at the start of each new minute and then you just have to jot down the seconds with the bib numbers. You’ll be using a digital watch with the real time of day.


Time            sec  Bib
10:45           35   453
                37   254
                38    20
                41   112
                54   398
    46           2   473
                 9  2225
                25   198


There will be some times when you can’t get everyone’s time if they all come in a bunch – but do your best to get all the BIB NUMBERS down – that takes priority over times. (If someone’s chip time is missing, at least we’ll know within a few seconds where they finished, but if their bib # is not in the back up, we can’t tell much).

Note for the person calling out the bibs: If you can’t see their bib number, and you have a few seconds before the next runner arrives, shout at them “BIB NUMBER?” or “What’s your bib number” and hopefully they can unzip their jacket to show it, or tell you, etc.

Give all the sheets and the watch back to the StartLine guys at the end.