Relay Exchange Marshal

New job in 2020! We haven’t had any complaints of problems at the relay exchanges, but know that they are busy areas with the potential for collisions between relay runners and half marathoners, and relay congestion on the shoulder forcing non-relay runners to move into the traffic lane. So we’re taking some precautionary measures. Also, early arriving relay runners will know they’re in the right place when they find an official there; and you’ll be available to answer questions, e.g. where do they catch the relay shuttle to the finish line.

There are 3 relay exchanges (Veterans at Hwy 101, Lower Road at Joe Road, Marlene at Kraus Rd); you will be supervising ONE of them. Each one is located at a pull-off mailbox area where there is extra room on the gravel verge, and each one can be accessed by side roads without driving on the race route. Each exchange is marked by an orange sawhorse barricade.

Wear a visi-vest so you can be seen. You will sign one out at volunteer check in.


As relay participants and spectators arrive at the exchange to drop off runners or wait for teammates, make sure they park in the suggested areas and NOT on the course. Also, they are not allowed to drive on the race route, except for the highway (none of the exchanges is on the highway). Each team will have been given instructions and maps, in addition to the information on the website, but may need reminding. Copies of the maps are at the bottom of this page.

Warmup Jogs

If you see relay runners heading out for a warm-up jog, advise them to stay off the race route. They should use side streets, and definitely not the opposite side of the road on the course, as that will leave little room for vehicles. Maps with suggested warm up routes will be provided to the teams and to you.

Waiting for teammates

When waiting for teammates to arrive, relay runners must wait in the pull-off area behind the barricade, on the gravel, NOT on the paved shoulder. The paved shoulder must be kept clear for non-relay runners and walkers to pass without crossing the white line into the traffic lane.

If a runner comes in and their teammate isn’t waiting for them at the exchange, they will just have to wait behind the barricade until they show up. Bring your cell phone so that you can assist them to call their tardy teammate!

Hand-offs between teams

Teams must hand-off on the gravel verge within ~10m of the barricade in either direction. There is baton or sash to pass along; a simple touch of hands is all that is required.

Arriving relay runners will be instructed to keep left as they approach the exchange so they can easily step onto the verge to touch hands with their teammate before stopping, without blocking any continuing runners. The departing runners should be reminded to LOOK FIRST and merge safely into the flow of runners going by.


Spectators should also be directed to stay off the paved shoulder and be located past the exchange zone, NOT BEFORE, so they don’t block the view of teammates looking for their incoming runners (which will cause waiting runners to creep onto the shoulder to see).

Always be firm but kind when managing the runners and spectators! e.g. “Please stay off the paved shoulder.” “Please move to the other side of the exchange zone, keep this area clear.”


Exchange 1

Relay Exchange 1 access and parking
Exchange 1 access and parking. Suggested warm-up route: the other part of Carmen Rd to the left of Veterans on map above. Go left around corner to dead end and back, repeat as needed.

Exchange 2

Relay Exchange 2
Relay Exchange 2 access and parking. Click for interactive version on Google Maps.

Exchange 3

Relay Exchange 3 access and parking
Relay Exchange 3 access and parking. Click for interactive version on Google Maps.