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We’d love to have you join our crew! You’ll get a ‘Race Crew’ T-shirt, BMO gloves, access to volunteer refreshments, invite to wrap party, and the chance to win a draw prize — plus a first-hand view of the race and the boundless appreciation of the participants and organizers!

To sign up, first register / create an account (optional), then sign up for one or more tasks on the sign-up sheet.

Why create an account?

  • You can select the T-shirt size you want (guaranteed if registered by March 1st). Otherwise you’ll get size Large.
  • You can log in later if you need to update your contact information and/or task selection.
  • You won’t have to fill in your info again each time you sign up for a task!

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Looking forward to 2018

It’s never too early to sign up for your favourite volunteer slot for next year! Don’t worry about forgetting – our system will send out a reminder approximately 1 week beforehand, and another one 2 days in advance. Click here to sign up!