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Relay Division

2- or 4-Person Relay

You don't have to do an entire half marathon to participate — teams of 2 or 4 can run the Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run as a relay, going about half or quarter of the distance instead. And each relay member still receives a finisher's medal!

Leg Descriptions

  • Leg 1: 5.75km
    Start to top of Veterans (near Hwy). Gentle ups and downs. Easy to Medium.
  • Leg 2: 5.25km
    Veterans to Lower Road at Joe Road. Flat, then big downhill followed by gently undulating, net downhill. Easy.
  • Leg 3: 4.17km
    Lower Road at Joe Road to Marlene Road at Kraus Road (NEW END LOCATION). Long gentle downhill and flat, then gradual climbing, one short downhill section, finishing on a short steep uphill. Medium.
  • Leg 4: 5.93km
    Marlene at Kraus (NEW START LOCATION) to Finish. Uphill on Marlene, flat for a bit, slight incline, then big downhill and flat. Easy to Medium.


How to get to the Exchange Points

See Interactive course map. The relay exchanges are marked with little notepads.

Note there will be no shuttle buses in 2021.

Exchange 1 (end of leg 1): on Veterans Road near Hwy 101

From the Community Centre, go left down Park Rd and turn right onto the highway. Approx 400m beyond the IGA mall, turn left into Hough Road (where PaceSetter Athletic is) and park in the parking lot there. It's a short walk along Carmen Road (frontage road) to Veterans and the exchange.

Parking for relay exchange 1

Warm-up run route: the other side of Carmen Road (west of Veterans). Follow it around to the left, go to the end of the road and back as many times as needed.

When leaving, exit from Hough Road back onto the highway. You could also park on the side of Carmen Road, as there's access from Hough Road (there's a bit of a dip at the beginning, so go slowly).

Exchange 2 (end of leg 2): Lower Road near Joe Road

To access this exchange, continue along the highway all the way to Joe Road (or turn left onto Lower Road, the race route). When you pass Maskell Road, Joe is the next road. Turn left on Joe and proceed nearly to the bottom. Park on Joe before you get to the end. Click map for interactive version. The exchange point is to your left (downhill) on Lower Road, in the mailbox pullout.

Access and parking for relay exchange 2

Suggested warm-up run route as shown on map: Joe Road to Miles Road, run out and back on Miles as many times as needed.

When leaving, go back up Joe Road to the highway and turn left towards Sechelt. Or continue along the race route.

Exchange 3 (end of leg 3): Marlene Road at Kraus Road (NEW)

Continue along the highway towards Sechelt for approximately 5km. Turn left at the traffic lights at Roberts Creek Road. Turn right onto Kraus Road which goes through to Marlene Road. Park on the shoulder on Kraus, being careful not to block any driveways. Click map for interactive version.

Access and parking for relay exchange 3

Suggested warm-up route as shown on map: out and back on Kraus or add Mossy Rock (short way down Roberts Creek Road).

When leaving, go up Marlene, then turn left at the lights onto the highway. Or, go back the way you came and get back on the highway at the traffic light (advance left signal).

Finish: Mission Point Park

Continue towards Sechelt on the highway. At Davis Bay, there's parking available at Brookman Park just before the finish (on the right); or, drive past the finish area to the beach parking lot.


Relay Rules

  1. Exchanges are made at the exchange zones, as per the map.

  2. A person may not run for more than one relay team.
  3. 2-Person teams may run the 4 legs in any order they wish — as long as you each run 2 legs. Alternating, two and two, or a 'sandwich' — it's up to you!


Relay Sign-Up Help

Instructions for Team Captains on the Trackie site:

You create a relay team first, then invite your teammates (and yourself) to sign up via a special link. Each member can be invited to join, and can pay for their own entry.

Each member pays the fee that applies at the time they make their payment. So you could get the early rate while a procrastinating teammate pays the late fee (not applicable in 2021).

  1. Create your team here. Use a unique team name! There's a link to the confirmation list so you can see what names have been used already. After creating the team (no charge) you'll be provided with a personalized link for signing up the relay team members (including yourself). An 'edit' link will also be provided in case you need to change your relay type or other info.
  2. Use your personalized link to enter yourself on the team.
  3. Invite your teammates to join your relay by sharing the personalized link with them (via email or text etc).

IMPORTANT! All team members (2 or 4) must be signed up before online registration closes.

Editing entries on Trackie

If any team members need to complete or edit their entries, they can follow these steps:

  1. Create an account or login here (must be same email used when signing up)
  2. Once logged in, if the “GETTING STARTED” window comes up just close it. Then make sure the “FILTER BY” is set to “Events Attending” and “Upcoming”.
  3. Click on “Manage” and “Edit Entries” to the left of 'RELAY - Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run presented by Eastlink'.

If you have any issues editing your entry contact for assistance.

Instructions for Team Captains on the Running Room site:

Not applicable for new entries in 2021.


"The route was beautiful. My husband and I participated in the relay and we can only hope that more organizers see how much fun a relay event is. The start line was convenient to the hotel, and the finish line can't be beat — who doesn't love a beach???!!! Oh, and before I forget, the shirts are the best we've seen. Thanks for making our weekend away fun and exciting!" — Cheryl Ennis, Maple Ridge (2010)


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