Event Information

April 1–30, 2021

Time Trial Format

A time trial is where all participants run on a specific course, but starting at different times. In this case, any day/time between April 1 and 30, 2021. Here's how it works:

  1. We provide the accurate course, you run it independently. Pick any day between April 1 and 30 to run the route. You can do it more than once if you like, and submit your best time. The course will be marked with flour arrows (refreshed as needed after rain). Study the map so you know where you'll be going. Bring a copy, and/or our handy turn by turn directions.
  2. Time yourself with something accurate. A simple chrono watch will do nicely. A sundial, not so good. Pause the timer if you have to stop for traffic.
  3. Run it solo or with family and/or friends (or start together then go your own pace), that's entirely up to you.
  4. It would be helpful to have a vehicle driver who can meet you a few times en route with water or sports drink (and cheer you on), and to drive you back to the start afterwards. Or, use public transit to get back. For relay teams you'll definitely want to have a vehicle.
  5. You can use PaceSetter Athletic Footwear in Gibsons as a baggage check, if you run during business hours. You can use one of the free reusable shopping bags donated by Eastlink.
  6. After your run, pop into PaceSetter to receive your finisher medal, and a t-shirt if you paid for one. Store hours for April will be: 10-5:30 Mon-Fri, 10-5 Sat, 11-3 Sun and holidays. If you can't manage to get there inside those hours, let us know and we'll see what we can do to accommodate.
  7. Submit your time using our online form.
  8. Check this website every Monday for updated results. There will be no fastest time awards, just bragging rights. Draw prize winners will be announced on May 1st and if you are a winner and don't live locally, it will be mailed to you.


Start/Finish Locations and Parking

Map of Start Area

  • Start Line: 300m north of the community centre on Park Road
  • Finish Line: Mission Point Park, Davis Bay (Sechelt)

There is plenty of free parking at the Gibsons Community Centre at the start, both in the Centre's parking lots and along Park Road beside the playing fields. You are also welcome to park at PaceSetter Athletic Footwear. From there it's an easy ~2km warm-up jog to the start line.

Parking at the finish (for your vehicle driver): lots of free spots at the Davis Bay Beach parking lot, just around the corner from the finish line. There's also a small lot at Brookman Park across the highway from Mission Point Park.

Parking in Horseshoe Bay

There are two options: 1) BC Ferries provides paid parking at the terminal. View details and rates at on the BC Ferries website. 2) A 900m / 10 minute walk away, for about half the cost, is the Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club parking lot. For either choice, save $ by carpooling. Also note, the #257 and #250 buses go from downtown Vancouver right to the terminal, so you may be able to avoid paying for parking altogether.



With the time trial format, you are 100% responsible for your own well-being, just like when you are training. Unlike the story of the very first Fools Run, we don't expect anyone to attempt the run if not physically fit and trained. It's also a good idea to let someone know when you'll be doing the run, if you're going solo. Your vehicle driver, if you have one, can also be monitoring your progress.

You'll need to carry your own water/gels or have your vehicle driver provide them. You can get water and gels before the start at PaceSetter.


Toilet Facilities

There are lots of indoor toilets at the Gibsons Community Centre near the start. You can also use the bathroom at PaceSetter Athletic. On course... well there's lots of forested sections! Public indoor washrooms are within 150m of the finish (in the Rotary building at the beach parking lot).


Road Safety

Follow the rules of the road like you would on a training run. Stay on the shoulder, cross when appropriate, pause your timer if you have to stop for traffic. There's one major traffic light that you're likely to have to stop for, crossing the highway just after the 1 mile mark. Then it's pretty smooth sailing until 18.5k where the light is likely to be green when you go through.

Headphones/iPods are very strongly discouraged, but if you believe you can't run without music, keep the volume very low or use one ear only. Just like anywhere else, there are some crazy drivers on the Sunshine Coast, and you'll want to hear them approaching.


Timing & Results

You will be timing yourself (or have your driver time you). As mentioned above, a digital watch with a chrono timer will do nicely.

Submit your results on this website (form coming soon) no later than May 2nd, 2021.


Medals & Prizes

finisher medal

A high-quality, commemorative April Fool's Run Finisher's Medal will be given to each individual and relay team (each team member receives a medal) completing the Half Marathon. Antique Gold with printed neck ribbon. Click image at left for detail view of the medal. The ribbon is black and has the 2020 date on it as they were made for last year's race.

finisher medal back

Personalize your finisher's medal with our insert option!

For just $7.50 you can get a personalized insert for your medal with your name and official finishing time laser-engraved — fits neatly into a frame on the back! Order when registering or, if already registered, via our extras order page, and it will be mailed out 3-4 weeks after the race. Order deadline 1 week after race day. Comes with a self-adhesive backing. Click image to enlarge.

Draw prizes: to make it fair to all entrants including late entrants, winners will be announced May 1st. Local winners can pick up at PaceSetter; off-coast winners will receive the prizes by mail.



Weather on the Sunshine Coast in April is variable but moderate. In recent years, race morning has ranged from a crisp dry 5-7°C to a balmy 16°C with sunshine, to a typical west coast 10°C and rain. In 2012 we woke up to snow and finished in mild sunshine! The odds of dry conditions are good — it rained on the race only three times in the past 13 years.

Your best bet is to come prepared for a range of conditions and check the local forecast (see below) as close to start time as possible. And note, in spring Sechelt is often warmer than Gibsons by a few degrees, with less precipitation (further from the North Shore mountains).

If you can't view the above weather badges, use the following direct links from Environment Canada: 7-day forecast for Gibsons; 7-day forecast for Sechelt


"Thank you for making my inaugural April Fool's Run so much fun! This was the most well-organized run I have ever participated in!" — Judy Westacott, Vancouver

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