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1986 April Fools' Day Run

Coast News, March 31, 1986

winner from 1986
Glen Chilton won the Gibsons-Sechelt April Fools Run again this year. A resident of Winnipeg, Glen visits his parents on the Coast every year and times it to take part in the run. If he wins three consecutive times we're going to let him keep the Coast News Challenge Cup. Details next week. (John Burnside photo)

Coast News, April 07, 1986

Ninth Annual run in the sun

Winnipegger takes Fool's Day Run

winner from 1986
Winner Glen Chilton, left, receives the congratulation of runner-up Steve Miles at the conclusion of the Ninth Annual April Fool's Day Run, Gibsons to Sechelt, for the Coast News Challenge Cup. (Fran Burnside photo)

It was a small but select group of runners who participated in the Ninth Annual April Fools' Day Run from Gibsons to Sechelt.

Many of the regular participants begged off on the grounds that the co-incidence of the annual run with the school break and the Easter weekend made it impossible for them to participate.

But the 14 who started out from the Weight Room on North Road all finished and for the first time everyone finished the run in less than two hours, though it was a full kilometre longer this year.

The starting point had to be changed from the traditional Elphinstone Secondary School start-off because of the impossibility of getting into the public building to use the washrooms.

Glen Chilton of Winnipeg, on his annual visit to his parents in Sechelt, won for the second straight year finishing a full six minutes in the lead despite the determined best efforts of Steve Miles of Gibsons who for the second straight year chased the fleet-footed Winnipegger the whole way but couldn't catch him. Ken Grunenberg of Sechelt finished third a couple of minutes behind Miles.

Other finishers in order of finish were: Barry Janyk of Halfmoon Bay; Cam Mckenzie Sr. of Gibsons; Brian Romer of West Vancouver; Michael Unger, Gibsons, and Victor Neufeld, Gibsons tied for seventh; Pat Walker of Gibsons; Irene Lugsdin of Sechelt; Ken McRobert of Richmond and Sechelt; Arne Pettersen, the race's oldest competitor, of Gibsons; Lyn Christian of Granthams; and finally the gallant Darcie Young of Gibsons, finishing despite a painful bout of shinsplints.

The winner, Glen Chilton, vowed to be back again next year and was assured that if he won the Coast News Challenge Cup for three successive years he could keep it.

1986 Results summary

  1. Glen Chilton, Winnipeg
  2. Steve Miles, Gibsons
  3. Ken Grunenberg, Sechelt
  4. Barry Janyk, Halfmoon Bay
  5. Cam Mackenzie Sr., Gibsons
  6. Brian Romer, West Vancouver
  7. Michael Unger, Gibsons / Victor Neufeld, Gibsons (tied for 7th)
  8. Pat Walker, Gibsons
  9. Irene Lugsdin, Sechelt
  10. Kan McRobert, Richmond/Sechelt
  11. Arne Tveit-Pettersen, Gibsons
  12. Lyn Christian, Granthams
  13. Darcie Young, Gibsons


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