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1985 April Fools' Day Run

Coast News, April 1985

8th Annual Fool's Day Run

Forty-nine brave the March winds

winners from 1985
Left to right, third place finisher Barry Janyk, winner Glen Chilton of Winnipeg; first lady Ricki Ferguson*, and runner-up Steve Miles all had something to smile about despite the rain after the running of the 8th Annual April Fool's Day Run, Gibsons to Sechelt, last Sunday. (John Burnside photo)
*not according to the results below!

March went out like the proverbial lion last Sunday but the cold, gusting wind and fierce cold showers did not dampen the spirits of the 49 participants in the 8th Annual April Fool's Day Run.

This year the Coast News Challenge Cup was won by a contestant from Winnipeg. Glen Chilton was visiting family in Sechelt and led from beginning to end despite a determined challenge by last year's winner, Steve Miles of Sechelt.

There was some satisfaction left for Steve, however, in that the Winnipeg runner was six seconds off the record pace that won the event last year.

Most runners are content to keep their own pace in the April Fool's Day Run and the cheers for the last runner in, Elaine Gant, this year, are just as sincere and just as heart-warming as the cheers which greet the winner.

oldest and youngest competitors in 1985
The oldest and the youngest: Arne Tveit-Pettersen was the oldest participant in Sunday's run and David Mah was the youngest. (John Burnside photo)

Make no mistake, however, for the boys up front and one or two in the pack the competitive fires burn strongly. Offered a choice of water or an orange at the Roberts Creek comfort station, Miles declined either with a terse “I want him”, and gestured at the runner just ahead.

As the runners and friends waited for the field to come in at the Sechelt Cenotaph, Irene Lugsdin told Dr. Stan Lubin: “It felt good to pass you.”

Irene was the winner of the first Master Lady Award, given to the first lady finisher over 35. Irene has just joined that group. Ricki Ferguson was first lady finisher.* Barry Janyk of West Sechelt was the third-place finisher.

Other finishers of note were David Mah, aged 12, who finished strongly for the second straight year. The oldest runner was Arne Tveit-Pettersen, 54, and Lyn Christian was the first participant over 40 to finish.

Below are the finishers, with their times of completion:

*This must have been printed in error, because according to the results below, Yolunda Heinen was the first female finisher!

1985 Results summary

  1. 1:13:54 Glen Chilton, Winnipeg
  2. 1:17:24 Steve Miles, Sechelt
  3. 1:23:08 Barry Janyk, Sechelt
  4. 1:25:12 Victor Morcom, Whonnock
  5. 1:27:09 Raymond Dube, Gibsons
  6. 1:27:12 Reynold Schmidt, Sechelt
  7. 1:27:46 Kerry Bjornson, Gibsons
  8. 1:29:56 Karl Leyen, Abbotsford
  9. 1:32:22 Clifford DeSchepper, Sechelt
  10. 1:33:11 Lorne Berman, Sechelt
  11. 1:35:25 Bob Burlin, Sechelt
  12. 1:36:22 Don Matsuzaki, Gibsons / Cam McKenzie, Gibsons (tie)
  13. 1:38:57 Yolunda Heinen, Sechelt
  14. 1:40:50 Katherine Denham, Sechelt
  15. 1:42:02 Pat Walker, Gibsons
  16. 1:43:30 Ricki Ferguson, Sechelt
  17. 1:43:54 Mark Hamel, Gibsons
  18. 1:44:52 Lyn Christian, Granthams
  19. 1:46:24 Darcie Young, Sechelt
  20. 1:47:43 Arne Tveit-Pettersen, Gibsons
  21. 1:48:31 Richard Kraus, Vancouver
  22. 1:49:16 Zyg Regulant, Langley
  23. 1:49:19 Irene Lugsdin, Sechelt
  24. 1:49:42 Stan Lubin, Sechelt
  25. 1:50:49 Guy Lalande, Gibsons
  26. 1:51:18 Mary Bushman, Abbotsford
  27. 1:51:57 Dick Green, Sechelt
  28. 1:53:49 Peter Groenland, Gibsons
  29. 1:56:45 David Mah, Gibsons
  30. 1:58:10 Virginia Alsager, Vancouver
  31. 2:00:13 Edward Martin, Vancouver
  32. 2:00:59 Nadine Lowden, Gibsons
  33. 2:06:54 Elaine Tattrie, Gibsons


First ever Fool's Run