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1981 April Fools' Day Run

They're off! Sixty-three hardy entrants answer the sound of the starter's pistol. Sunday's Fourth Annual April Fool's Day Run saw a record number of entrants and a new record time. — John Moore photo (click to enlarge)

Coast News, March 1981

Despite the weather

Records set in Fool's Day Run

Despite the inclement weather of a cold and rainy March day sixty-three entrants started off from Elphinstone Secondary School in Gibsons on Sunday, March 29, on the Fourth Annual April Fool's Day Run between Gibsons and Sechelt. The run has attracted more entrants every year since its inception.

The first finisher this year was Steven Brindle of Vancouver who covered the run in one hour and thirteen minutes, almost fifteen minutes faster than the previous best time set by two-time winner Adrian Belshaw. Besides the Coast News Cup, winner Brindle received a Nike club bag.

Local man Raul Poole finished a close second in one hour and fifteen minutes followed by James Oostenbrink of Vancouver who came in one minute behind Poole. Poole was rewarded with Adidas TRX Trainers and Oostenbrink collected a Nike club bag.

The run this year featured recognition of various categories and Chris Craigen of Vancouver was the first woman to finish. She ran into Sechelt only one hour and thirty-four minutes after the start. Local businessman Arne Tveit-Pettersen was the first finisher in the Men's Master Class for men over forty. Arne finished in one hour forty-six minutes. Stephen Christian was the first finisher in the under fourteen category with a finishing time of one hour, forty minutes. These winners all received Nike T-shirts and jogging socks courtesy of Trail Bay Sports.

At least 10 of the sixty-three starters were from Vancouver and they were unanimous in their praise of the course and how much fun the event was, despite the rain. The Vancouver runners thought the event well-organized and found all the people associated with it most friendly and helpful.

In future, plans are for the April Fool's Day Run to be listed in the magazine B.C. Runner so more non-local runners will know about it. If it becomes a registered course, those wishing to participate in such runs as the Vancouver Marathon will be able to use their performance here as an official qualifying time.

A near dark spot in an otherwise pleasant event occurred just outside Sechelt when one runner was knocked into the ditch by a passing car. Wayne Newport recovered and was able to finish in fourth place. It is thought that Newport, despite race instructions, was cutting the corner on the wrong side of the road at the time of the incident.

Finishers after the first three in order of completion were: Wayne Newport, Bill Morrison, Lonnie Brock, Chad Craigen, Dave Estergaard, Mike Pearson, Leith Skinner, Allen Whittleton, Chris Craigen, Brian Rooner, David MacLeod, Roger Douglas, Stephen Christian, Garry Gray, Chuck Belong, Jack Pope, Lyn Christian, Clifford De Schepper, Kim Graf, Arne Tveit-Pettersen, Michael Read, Sean Whalen, Lawrence Stoochnoff, Barb Nelson, Brian De Schepper, Robert Makwood, Steve Illingworth, Stuart Frizzell, Ricki Ferguson, Darcie Young, James McLachlan, Rieta Hanson, Brandan Whalen, Mary Degnan, Harvey Bist, Steven Horvath, Heidi Brongers, Jane Degnan, Lynette Willoughby, Lisa Matthaus, Gerd Kuer, Donald Maedel, Shaun Thorold, Danny Hemstalk, Roberta Esau, Leif Mjanes, Manuane Joe, Bear, the first and only canine entry, Susan McKibbin, Ken Birkin, Kelly Quinn, Greg Sylte.

The Coast News regrets that it did not receive finishing times for Bruce Pedersen, Brent Berry, Trevor Chambers and Freddy Williams.

Besides the record entry, the April Fool's Day Run this year featured a five-mile run starting at Browning Road. Taking part in this modified effort were Steven McLeod, Renee Fountain and Aron Bjornson.


The Press, Tuesday March 31, 1981 (click photos to enlarge)

APRIL FOOL'S DAY RUN was an event for fitness enthusiasts and ducks as rain poured steadily on 65 runners covering the 15 mile run from Gibsons Sunnycrest Mall to Sechelt cenotaph Sunday morning.

STEVEN BRINDLE of Vancouver flashes a pleased smile as winner of the 15 mile April Fool's Day Run which he completed in 1 hour, 13 minutes, beating last year's record by 14 minutes.


1981 Results summary

  1. Steven Brindle 1:13
  2. Raul Poole 1:15
  3. James Oostenbrink 1:16
  4. Wayne Newport
  5. Bill Morrison
  6. Lonnie Brock
  7. Chad Craigen
  8. Dave Estergaard
  9. Mike Pearson
  10. Leith Skinner
  11. Allen Whittleton
  12. Chris Craigen 1:34 (first woman)
  13. Brian Rooner
  14. David MacLeod
  15. Roger Douglas
  16. Stephen Christian 1:40 (first under 14)
  17. Garry Gray
  18. Chuck Belong
  19. Jack Pope
  20. Lyn Christian
  21. Clifford De Schepper
  22. Kim Graf
  23. Arne Tveit-Pettersen 1:46 (first master)
  24. Michael Read
  25. Sean Whalen
  26. Lawrence Stoochnoff
  27. Barb Nelson
  28. Brian De Schepper
  29. Robert Makwood
  30. Steve Illingworth 1:50
  31. Stuart Frizzell
  32. Ricki Ferguson
  33. Darcie Young
  34. James McLachlan
  35. Rieta Hanson
  36. Brandan Whalen
  37. Mary Degnan
  38. Harvey Bist
  39. Steven Horvath
  40. Heidi Brongers
  41. Jane Degnan
  42. Lynette Willoughby
  43. Lisa Matthaus
  44. Gerd Kuer
  45. Donald Maedel
  46. Shaun Thorold
  47. Danny Hemstalk
  48. Roberta Esau
  49. Leif Mjanes
  50. Manuane Joe
  51. Bear, the first and only canine entry
  52. Susan McKibbin
  53. Ken Birkin
  54. Kelly Quinn
  55. Greg Sylte

Not recorded: Bruce Pedersen, Brent Berry, Trevor Chambers, Freddy Williams.


First ever Fool's Run

Voice from the past:

In October 2007 we were contacted by 1981 winner Steven Brindle who now lives in Florida! Here's what he emailed:

“My sister directed me to your website the other day. She told me that you had a photo of me when I won your race back in 1981. Sure enough there it was. I remember the race quite well and really enjoyed the race and the local hospitality. I also remember the 'rainy' sunshine coast. I'm glad to see the event is still being run.
“I now live in Orlando Florida and still run a bit. Perhaps I can get up in that area with the family to run and vacation. Best wishes to all that run the 2008 event.”
—Steven Brindle