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1980 April Fools' Day Run

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They're off! A hardy group of runners sets out on the Third Annual April Fools Day Run from Gibsons to Sechelt. All but three of the 31 starters this year finished the run. (Click photo to see larger version.)

Coast News, April 1980

27 finishers

Belshaw Wins Again

The skies cleared on Saturday morning and the Third Annual April Fool's Day Run from Gibsons to Sechelt took place in brilliant sunshine. This year's winner of the Coast News Cup as first finisher was the man who won it on the inaugural run in 1978. Adrian Belshaw, who also finished second last year, completed the 14-mile run in one hour, 27 minutes and 12 seconds. The winner's time was a little slower than last year but a stiff breeze at Davis Bay slowed everyone down.

Constable Leith Skinner of Sechelt was a strong finisher in second place. Skinner was also prominent last year. He finished just 17 seconds behind Belshaw. Eighteen more seconds back in third place was Gary Born who like Belshaw travelled from Vancouver for the run.

Thirteen year old Heidi Brongers of Roberts Creek was the first female finisher in a time of two hours and nine seconds. She was followed closely by her 11 year old sister Shelley.

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Winning the Coast News April Fools Day Run for the second time in its three year history, Adrian Belshaw comes over the finish line at the Sechelt Cenotaph. (Click photo to see larger version.)

In all, 28 of the 31 starters finished the run. In order of their finish behind the third place Born they were Rob Patterson of Vancouver, a man called Munsie also of Vancouver, Hazen Knox of Gibsons, Bill Cowie of Vancouver, Lonie Brock of Roberts Creek, Dave MacLeod of Roberts Creek, Rick Scott of West Sechelt, Ron Higginbotham of Sechelt, Kurt Scharf of Gower Point, David Longman of Roberts Creek, Sean Whalen of Roberts Creek, Arne Petterson of Roberts Creek, Brandon Whalen of Roberts Creek, David Willoughby of Roberts Creek, Wayne Robinson of Gibsons, Heidi Brongers of Roberts Creek, Darcy Young of Sechelt, Shelley Brongers of Roberts Creek, Sue Nichols of Redrooffs Road, Lief Mjanes of Roberts Creek, Ian Nicols of Redrooffs Road, Lynette Willoughby of Roberts Creek, Stephanie Jackson of West Sechelt, Joan Marshall of Sechelt.

Congratulations to the gallant finishers and to the three non-finishers who gave it a good shot, Timothy Laplante and Jason and Jim Weir.


1980 Results summary

  1. Adrian Belshaw, Vancouver, 1:27:12
  2. Leith Skinner, Sechelt, 1:27:29
  3. Gary Born, Vancouver, 1:27:47
  4. Rob Patterson, Vancouver
  5. Munsie, Vancouver
  6. Hazen Knox, Gibsons
  7. Bill Cowie, Vancouver
  8. Lonie Brock, Roberts Creek
  9. Dave MacLeod, Roberts Creek
  10. Rick Scott, West Sechelt
  11. Ron Higginbotham, Sechelt
  12. Kurt Scharf, Gower Point
  13. David Longman, Roberts Creek
  14. Sean Whalen, Roberts Creek
  15. Arne Petterson, Roberts Creek
  16. Brandon Whalen, Roberts Creek
  17. David Willoughby, Roberts Creek
  18. Wayne Robinson, Gibsons
  19. Heidi Brongers, Roberts Creek, 2:00:09
  20. Darcy Young, Sechelt
  21. Shelley Brongers, Roberts Creek
  22. Sue Nichols, Redrooffs Road
  23. Lief Mjanes, Roberts Creek
  24. Ian Nicols, Redrooffs Road
  25. Lynette Willoughby, Roberts Creek
  26. Stephanie Jackson, West Sechelt
  27. Joan Marshall, Sechelt


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