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Going Green: Eco-Friendly Initiatives

"Trash the Competition, Not the Planet!"


If you're like us, a big part of the enjoyment of running is getting out into the great outdoors. We want to keep on enjoying our environment, so taking steps to reduce the impact of our event is important to us — and to you as well, if you're reading this page.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost

Paper reduction

  • Please bring your own reusable water container to reduce the need for paper cups at the finish. Check your container with your gear and it'll be waiting for you after your run.
  • Nearly all our entries are online — it's less expensive to register online!
  • No pre-printed entry forms until race day. If you really need to register with a paper form, you can print one off the website.
  • Limited # of rack cards produced — most promotion is done via the internet and email and word of mouth
  • Rack cards, maps, etc. will be printed on >20% recycled stock
  • Sponsor kits are submitted via email or downloaded from the website
  • We communicate to our participants via email only — no mail-outs
  • Flyers and brochures are not stuffed into race kits but put out in limited quantities for optional pickup instead. No one wants a bag full of leaflets they're not interested in!


  • Unclaimed awards and shirts used for other events hosted by PaceSetter Athletic Run Club
  • Race signs and banners are re-used year after year
  • Volunteers are encouraged to re-use their volunteer garments each year, and many do


compost bin for post-race food
  • Race kits come in paper envelopes — reusable and recyclable. We relabel and reuse unclaimed kit envelopes from previous years. You can return your envelope to us at packet pickup after retrieving the items within.
  • We provide finish line recycling and composting bins to minimize garbage
  • All cardboard boxes are recycled after the event
  • We also recycle everything at home when preparing for the race.

Finish Line Food Composting

  • You'll find several composting collection bins at the finish food area. Look for the labelled tote bins and a volunteer will help you put food waste into the right ones.


Locally sourced supplies

  • Local food: finish line food is locally sourced within the Sunshine Coast, the Lower Mainland or BC
  • Any new signs are made locally (and reused every year)
  • Over the years we have purchased our own cones, vests, tables, timing clock and sports drink coolers, and made our own course marker signs, paddles and barricades, so no need to travel to Vancouver to rent these any more. They are often rented out to other groups on the Sunshine Coast so they don't have to go off-coast either.


Green Port-a-Potties

Bonniebrook Industries Ltd

Typical port-a-potties can hurt the environment with cleaning chemical products and chemical deodorants. You'll be 'relieved' to know that our supplier, Bonniebrook Industries, uses cleaners, deodorants and hand sanitizers that are eco-friendly, and supplies the units with recycled toilet paper.


school buses for runner transportation

Shared transportation options

  • Bus transportation is provided from the ferry and from the finish back to start and ferry, so you can leave the car at home
  • Car-pooling and use of public transportation are strongly encouraged (the cost of bringing a car onto the ferry naturally encourages carpooling!)
  • Rideshare for carpooling
    Participants interested in carpooling to attend the Fools Run can use a service like Rideshare to post a ride wanted or ride offered. It is free and easy to use, no registration required. Click here to go to the website.


No single-use water bottles

  • Water and sports drink is supplied via coolers/dispensers and recyclable paper cups. Please bring your own reusable water container to avoid the need for more paper cups at the finish — check it with your gear!

Green Team volunteers

  • Volunteer positions include a recycling/composting coordinator and assistants. Click here for info or to sign up to volunteer.


yea for going green!