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Group Challenge

Group spirit is great motivation!

Team up with your club-mates, co-workers, friends, family or neighbours for the Group Challenge! Individual half marathon times are added together and averaged to see which group is the fastest (each member of the Group Challenge runs the entire half marathon, unlike in the relay division).

Simply identify what group you're in when registering (join an existing one or start a new one) and we'll take care of the rest! Here's how it works:

  • Group must have at least 5 members to be recognized as a group.
  • Only individual entrants can join a group (no relays)
  • The top 5 times from each group will be averaged to determine the winners.
  • In the unlikely event of a tie, the 5th fastest times will be compared.
  • Up to 10 prizes (merchandise and/or gift certificates) will be awarded to the fastest Group.

To Create or Join a Group

Use the same online registration form as for individuals. On the second page there is a button labelled "Create a Group". Choose that if you are starting a new group. You can register yourself at the same time as a member of the group, or just create the group as a captain without registering. To join an existing group, select the "I'm a Participant" button and then a second selection will appear asking if you are part of a Group. Say Yes and you can then search for your group name and join. Cost is the same per person as for individuals.

Group packet pickup

When creating your group, you can select group packet pickup (one person to pick up for the entire group, race kits will be grouped accordingly). Make sure all the group members know this is happening so they don't show up at Packet Pickup looking for their kit!


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