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Spectator Tips

Runners really appreciate support from the sidelines! Check out the list of cheering locations below, pick a few, and plan your morning beforehand, leaving yourself enough time to travel between spots. Don't forget to bring your music or noisemakers!

Please leave your dog(s) at home. A race finish zone is not a suitable place for a dog, no matter how cute or well-trained. Attendees with dogs will be politely but firmly asked to remove their pet from the park.

Best Cheering Places

PDF fileClick here for a printer-friendly course map. (For area map see the Visitor Info page.)

  1. Near the start: Park Road at Reed Road, 9:17am. The start line is on Park Road and the runners will be coming en masse up the hill and turning west on Reed.
  2. Gibsons Park Plaza. Park in the mall parking lot and watch Payne Road in front of IGA. The runners will be coming down Payne Road towards the highway. This is just past the 1km mark. Time runners pass by: 9:20 to 9:26am.
  3. 5km: Highway at Veterans Rd. You can park on the small frontage road here, on the Gibsons side, and watch the runners come through the 5km point. The first relay exchange point is also here. Time runners pass by: 9:35 to 10:09am.
  4. Just past halfway (11km): Joe Rd at Lower Road. Drive along the highway and turn left at Joe Road, then park on Joe near the bottom (do not drive or park on Lower Road). This is also the second relay exchange point. Turn around and drive back up Joe to the highway when finished. Time runners pass by: 9:50 to 10:57am.
  5. spectator cheering
  6. Roberts Creek Village: drive along the highway to Roberts Creek Road (traffic light), turn left and head down to the village area. Park well BEFORE you get to Lower Road and walk to the intersection to cheer the runners on. There is usually a good gathering of local residents here. Time runners pass by: 9:57 to 11:20am.
  7. Cedar Grove Road and Beach Ave: when coming down Roberts Creek Road, turn right onto Cedar Grove Road and you will get to Beach Avenue very quickly. Park on Cedar Grove (no parking on Beach, it's the race route). Turn around and head back the way you came when finished. Time runners pass by: 10:00 to 11:27am.
  8. Marlene Road hill: near 15k mark. Park on Lockyer just past Marlene. Carefully cross the highway. Cheer the runners as they tackle the uphill on Marlene — they'll need the encouragement! This is also the 3rd relay exchange point (top of Marlene). Time runners pass by: 10:02 to 11:37am.
  9. Wilson Creek/Field Road: park at Wilson Creek Plaza or up Field Road, then walk across at the crosswalk/lights, watching for runners coming along the far side. Time runners pass by: 10:17am to 12:22pm.
  10. Finish line: in Mission Point Park in Davis Bay (just before the beach parking area). Park at the beach parking lot or on side streets on the inland side, and walk a short distance back to the park. No dogs allowed. Time runners arrive: 10:22am to 12:37pm.


Make some noise!

Do you play a musical instrument? Set up on your driveway (if you live en route) or any safe spot along the course and play for the runners! Use a ghetto blaster or car stereo and play some upbeat tunes to get them going.

Drop by the Gibsons BMO Branch to pick up 'Bam Bam' noisemakers. Or, use your own bells, pots and pans, and make some percussion noise… it all helps!


Finish Line Food/Coffee

Around a couple of corners of the highway past the finish area you'll find Wheatberries Bakery and Pier 17 Market for snacks and coffee. (The finish line race food is just for the registered runners and volunteers.)