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1989 April Fools' Day Run

Coast News, April 1989

55 challenge the elements

by Ellen Frith

This year's April Fool's Day Gibsons to Sechelt race must have been one of the coldest on record but that didn't stop 55 brave and hardy souls from participating in this half-marathon.

"This is a great local race," said defending champion Jim Verster of North Vancouver, as he again finished first with an overall time of 1:21:15. "A local race is about the people."

Verster accepted the Coast News Challenge Trophy for the second straight year.

Coming in second and third respectively were Perry Grunenberg of Vancouver in 1:22:48 and Steve Miles of New Westminster in 1:23:50. The first local runner in the men's category to finish was Ken Grunenberg of Gibsons in 1:24:49.

The women's overall champion also won in the local category and she was Maureen Collins of Granthams Landing who ran the distance in 1:50:31.

There were also prizes in the master's category which went to Arne Pettersen of Gibsons (1:42:25) and Mary Bland of Hopkins Landing (2:00:47).

The winners in the five categories were awarded prizes or trophies and thanks must go to the following for donating the prizes, trophies, food or just time and help in the organization of this race.

B&D Sports, Pharmasave, Suncoast Agencies, Gibsons Travel, Super Valu, RCMP, Sechelt Indian Band, S.E.D. Fitness Centre, Andy's Restaurant and Adidas Canada Ltd.

Thanks must also go to all those who participated.


Maureen Collins (1:50:31); Mary Bland (2:00:47); Janet Gibb (2:04:49); Belle Wilson (2:05:31); Barb Henderson (2:05:31); Alice Lee (2:11:55); Mei Tam (2:11:57); Sandra Webster (2:12:00); Els Mercer (3:04:30); Kathy Mercer (3:03:30)


Jim Verster (1:21:14); Perry Grunenberg (1:22:45); Steve Miles (1:23:50); Ken Grunenberg (1:24:49); Craig Grunenberg (1:26:41); Craig Willmott (1:32:15); Roy Chatham (1:32:21); Michael Unger (1:34:40); Tommy Yee (1:37:45); Lyn Davies (1:37:50); Brian Kroeker (1:38:00); Arne Pettersen (1:42:25); Ernie Chatham (1:44:00); Barry McDonald (1:45:11); Graham Paul (2:27:23); Danny Tetzlaff (2:27:23); Chris McKee (1:51:39); Ken Peters; Bill Mercer.


Warren Hulleman; Robin Davidson; Nancy Swanstrom; Rob Davidson; Jake Swaney; John Saunders; Wilkie Mah; Dana Lamb; Darren Kahl; Tim Kirkahm; Fred Mowbray; Ron Qually; Caley McKee; Emily Walker; Keith Lewis; Michael Walker and Zoe MacKenzie and team.


1989 Results summary


  1. Jim Verster 1:21:14
  2. Perry Grunenberg 1:22:45
  3. Steve Miles 1:23:50
  4. Ken Grunenberg 1:24:49
  5. Craig Grunenberg 1:26:41
  6. Craig Willmott 1:32:15
  7. Roy Chatham 1:32:21
  8. Michael Unger 1:34:40
  9. Tommy Yee 1:37:45
  10. Lyn Davies 1:37:50
  11. Brian Kroeker 1:38:00
  12. Arne Pettersen 1:42:25
  13. Ernie Chatham 1:44:00
  14. Barry McDonald 1:45:11
  15. Chris McKee 1:51:39
  16. Graham Paul 2:27:23
  17. Danny Tetzlaff 2:27:23
  18. Ken Peters
  19. Bill Mercer


  1. Maureen Collins 1:50:31
  2. Mary Bland 2:00:47
  3. Janet Gibb 2:04:49
  4. Belle Wilson 2:05:31
  5. Barb Henderson 2:05:31
  6. Alice Lee 2:11:55
  7. Mei Tam 2:11:57
  8. Sandra Webster 2:12:00
  9. Kathy Mercer 3:03:30
  10. Els Mercer 3:04:30


First ever Fool's Run