OK, stop reading this line and pay attention to the stuff below.

Step 7: Eat, drink, compost & recycle

Take another look at the Finish Map. Note where the food tents are.

Hot soup!

Coffee, water, sports drink and a selection of hot and cold food (including soup) will be located under tents beside the finish line.

Free refreshments are for participants and volunteers only. Tell your non-running family/friends to keep their paws off your snacks. They can purchase food and drink at various cafes in Davis Bay, just past the finish line.


Please use the recycling and composting bins. But don't just toss things in willy-nilly — take a moment to look at the signs on the bins showing what goes where. Note, paper cups are compostable.

Volunteers will be there to help, but they're more likely to return next year if they don't have to go dumpster-diving to retrieve garbage from the wrong bin.

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