What does the fox say? Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!

Step 6: Celebrate

Molly's Reach

You don't really want to rush back to the 'Big Smoke' now do you? You've paid that inflated ferry fare — so get the maximum value out of it! Relax in the unique atmosphere of the Sunshine Coast.

All locations listed below offer outdoor dining; please contact them ahead of time to find out the current status.

Right around the corner from the finish line is the Wobbly Canoe, with big ocean views, cozy atmosphere and comfort food. Local craft brews sold here.

Another local favourite is The 101 Brewhouse + Distillery in Upper Gibsons, a short walk from the Garden Hotel. Awesome made-right-there beverages and food. Be sure to try the Mahan Trail Blonde Ale. A great trail and a great beer.

OR, head down to Gibsons Landing and relax at Gibsons Tapworks. Our personal favourite is the Blonde Logger.

Relax with a waterfront view

You can also find Gramma's Pub and Molly's Reach (of Beachcombers fame). Take in the panoramic harbour view. Have a beer. See the real Persephone on display across the road. Have another beer.

Another great spot for post-race celebration is Persephone Brewing, a beer farm/craft brewery located near the top of the bypass on the way to the ferry from Upper Gibsons.

Going up the coast? Be sure to take a break at The Bricker Cider Company in West Sechelt. Turn right onto Norwest Bay Road just past Sechelt and keep going until you see their sign.

Catch a later ferry when you're ready to head back to the big city (if ever). Here's the bus schedule. (You're NOT driving after all that beer. Hmmm, maybe book another night at the Cedars Inn.

You're done!