Well, you shouldn't be reading this line. It's not important.

Step 6: Claim your gear and get changed

Take a good look at the Finish Map. Maybe print it out.

gear check truck

The bags will be stored inside the gear check truck. It will be parked within sight of the finish line. Show the volunteers your bib number and they'll fetch your bag.

Now you can go get changed, in the heated(!) Rotary washroom building at the Davis Bay Beach parking lot. No stripping down in the bushes in the park, please, this is a family-friendly event. See map. Follow the pathway or walk on the beach. There are change cubicles so you don't have to worry about accidentally dropping your socks in the toilet.

Note: You can shower back at the Gibsons Community Centre later. You might have to pay for that, we may have maxed out our 'Show your bib number for a free shower' privileges by now. Bring your own towel, so you don't have to use your sweaty t-shirt.

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