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Another flawless race with great volunteers and excellent course marking. I love not having to wonder where I am going when racing hard out there. The billeted accommodation was beyond my wildest expectations. Thanks to all the locals who support athletes like myself and are courteous to all runners out on course. I especially like how the cars (and drivers) move right out of the way when they drive by and are very non aggressive. Thanks for the polite courtesy. When I asked my 20+ team mates who were there what they thought of the event, there wasn't a bad comment from anyone!
There is a house just before Roberts Creek which has the most beautiful garden with a creek running through it which I can tell the person who lives there put a lot of love into it. It gives me a moment of tranquility amongst the pain I'm often in after going down the big hill.

— David Palermo, Vancouver

Very impressed with how well run and organized the race was. So many volunteers....kudos

— Joyce Persoon, Roberts Creek

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I ran the @aprilfoolsrun last year — lots of fun, gorgeous course. Go for it!
Greg Burnham

@aprilfoolsrun thank you so much. We had a terrific time. Nice course, well organized and super! Best regards.
Merrianne Couture

Enjoyed a fun, local half marathon at the @aprilfoolsrun today! Thanks to the organizers and volunteers, the west coast is awesome!

Another great race overall! Having the results posted so fast was really great. Well organized, good food and especially nice having use of Mission Park.
Well done Larry & Teresa!

— Jenny Adams, Sechelt

Everything was really well organized. This was my first time running any race, even a short 10k, and I had no idea it would be so fun. A huge thanks to the volunteers for all their help, they really helped me keep happy and positive!

— Heather James, Sechelt/Halfmoon Bay

This is my second year participating in this race and I love it!! I will be back, great race, great atmosphere, beautiful course!!

— Jennifer Kardynal, Squamish

Great Race — my first Half. Super to be in our own backyard. You were so professional. Volunteers — thank you thank you. The cheers were so appreciated.
I loved that it started and finished downhill — easy break in and lightning fast at the end — well maybe lightning was a bit faster.
Next year I won't wait to get the shirt... if you order more — I would love one.
See you there next year.
Only suggestion — and I have to think hard — is could the towns spring for the cost of a street sweeper truck before the race? — I certainly would not spend race $ on this. There were no danger spots and it was fine, but it might be nice.
Thanks again. Woo Hoo.

— Adam Zanbilowicz, Halfmoon Bay

Thanks for an awesome race!
One of the best events I've had an opportunity to participate in recently!
Pre-race communication and package pick-up were straightforward. Race Day transportation was well coordinated. LOVE the fact the event actually started ON TIME!
Only recommendation.. more warm/hot water for consumption at the end of the run.. and PEANUT BUTTER for the bagels :)

— Jocelynn Rooke, North Vancouver

Great course, great weather and great volunteers from registration to the finish. Really appreciated the gear check and transport to the finish line. A special thank-you to the volunteer who took my gear from me at the start-line and tagged it for me! I am also grateful for the free bus ride back to the community centre.
I overheard many out of town participants expressing "how nice the people were here!"

— Tam Harrington, Sechelt

The area by Mission Point park at the end of the race was quite crowded with people passing back and forth and walking in the path of the runners that were trying to sprint the last 400m. It would be nice if the last section next to the park was a bit more roped off for the runners.
Otherwise a fantastic run and a great experience.
Thanks for all the effort!

— Stevenson, Gibsons

This was our first half marathon and overall it was a great experience ! The Sunshine Coast is beautiful and the race route was great ! There was a bit of confusion at the end regarding buses back to the start area. No volunteers seemed to know where to get on a bus, and one volunteer seemed to think we'd missed our chance to get a bus ride (even though there was still several more buses waiting to pick runners up). We were also surprised to see so little food/drinks at the end of the race. For a run of this length, people are hungry. Most 5k races have mountains of fruit/muffins etc at the end of the race. We did have an amazing time though and would likely do this again next year. Thanks so much !

— Colin Beadle, Richmond

We'd been spoiled at the Dave Reed and St. Paddy's day runs with lots of food and drink choices so we thought the Fools Run would have the same variety. We did get a banana and a cup of coffee, but when we went back for more there was no coffee left and the food tables were being taken down :( We missed out.
Overall we had a great first half marathon and the location has got to be one of the best in the world !
Thanks for getting back to me !

— Colin

Could you put some leaves on the trees for next year — my 2nd time out and again enjoyable. Your luck in getting good weather is amazing. I wish packet pickup was open till 8pm on Sat, I just seem to miss it as you close. Always a friendly crowd. The new start works, I didn't find the sharp corner too bad. There may be an error in the course, perhaps an extra km as my time was not as good as last year.
See you in 2012 — thanks

— Pilon, Port Moody

Thank you both so much for putting on such a great event today. Everything was so well-organized and all your efforts SO appreciated! A special thanks also for putting on the clinic — without it I don't know how I would have managed.
Again, many thanks.

— Sandra Abraham

I just want to Thank you for putting together a fantastic race today! It was SOOO much fun & the support from the fellow runners/volunteers was phenomenal! It felt like family :D
I was really impressed how well marked every kilometre was, even down to telling us runners we had 400 metres till the finish! You organized an event that was more put together than a lot of the Vancouver ones!
I felt pretty good, but am slower on my 10k time. It just shows me that I have some work to do before my next Half!
Well done my friend,

— Crystal Spence, Roberts Creek

Great the smaller events...enjoyed the food at the end (simple and healthy)

— Margrit Elmiger-Isert, Surrey

I was very impressed with how well the course was marked along the way, the announcers were good, we started right on time and the sponsors and prizes were great! I was a bit unimpressed with the after food and it was very cold having the ceremony outside. I would suggest having the awards inside next year. But overall, a great race. The people all involved were very nice and it all seemed well organized leading up to the race! Thanks so much!

— Keddi-Anne Sherbino, Kelowna

All around AWESOME!
Thanks for a great race!

— Brandy Hughes

This was one fine race—variety of terrain, great support and wonderful ambience. I will put your race on my must do events for next year.

— Isaac Oram, Surrey

Thank again for a great race yesterday! I apologize for leaving so soon after the race, but I had to get back to school.. studying for finals is taking over!

— Kimberley Doerksen, Gibsons

My very first half and it was a lovely route except for the hills!

— Jenn Striemer, Port Moody

Great race as always! Very well organized and great feel — thanks to your wonderful volunteers as well.

— Gillian Clayton, Vancouver

Just wanted to drop a short line to say another wonderful day on the Sunshine coast, perfect weather, perfect race and organization. I think I speak on behalf of all VFacers who love supporting and competing in your race.
I had a great run and just cranked it up as I was feeling good, the legs are ok today and just a few sores, nothing that a few Advils won't clear up!
Also the prizes were more than generous with the 2 great prints I got, they are going up in my office and they are a great reminder of my race.
Thanks again and hopefully I will be back next year with the Blue train.

— Kevin O'Connor, Vancouver

I thought the course was very nice, it was my first ever 1/2 marathon.
The volunteers were wonderful, and the spectators were so encouraging.
What a great start. I am doing the BMO Vancouver May 1.

— Heather Sidsworth

Thanks for all the great organization for the race. I was particularly happy to have run a 4 min. PB and 6 minutes faster than I did last year on that course. It was a great day.

— Sabrina Wong, Vancouver

An excellent half marathon race, very well organized, great course. Even the hills were not as intimidating as I thought they were going to be! And how nice to be part of a race where you don't have to WAIT for everything (package pick-up, crossing start line, food, buses, etc). Thanks, Sunshine Coast — I'll be back next year!

— Sue Morabito, Richmond

What a great day...excellent weather, incredible upbeat was a day to remember!!!

— Ingrid Sander, Gibsons

My co worker Dee Rogers chose her first half marathon to be your race. I wanted to run with her but came down with a terrible cold and could not attend. She wanted to pass on to you and Larry what a lovely experience she had and how well organized the race and the whole event was. She is now hooked ..and her next half will be the Scotia bank half in June...Thanks for making this a nice goal for her.

— Charmaine McDonald

Very well organized event. I loved the course, even though it was challenging in some places. I look forward to returning next year.

— Tony Short, Abbotsford

Once again thank you so much for all the hard work you do to put the race together. It was great weather for running. People had nothing but compliments.
Thanks Again,

— Dave Bromley, Roberts Creek

Thanks heaps, it was a really good run (my first half marathon), really well organised and an enjoyable weekend.
If I was staying in Canada longer (I'm a kiwi heading back to New Zealand in a few months) I would definitely do it again next year.

— Bridget Hill

All of our local runners had an awesome time at your event. Congratulations & thank you. Probably none of them thanked you personally, but they all expressed how happy they were & if they could have met you while telling me how much fun they had - they would have thanked you.

— Lorne Morrow, Powell River

Really well organized, fantastic volunteers, very much appreciate all of the neighbourhood cheering squads. Love your website with the virtual course tour & lots of "extras" that most race sites don't have.

— Susan Gordon, Port Moody

Wonderful volunteers and well organized... much more enjoyable than many bigger races I've been to! Thanks for the great race! A starting mat would be lovely though!

— Liz Miyashita, Vancouver

Thanks to you and all your volunteers, was an awesome race with awesome athletes!

— Ynuk Bosse

The fools run was a wonderful event!
Thank you for all the time and effort involved in organizing it!!
See you at the next one :o)
Happy running to everyone,

— Amy Schneeburg, Vancouver

Hi there, I took part in the half marathon on sunday. I didn't get my medal and was hoping I could get it. It was my first half, so it means alot to me. I dont mind paying for shipping.
Thanks, it was an awesome race and will be back next year!

— Leanne Foreman, Harrison Hot Springs

I'll be back next year for the race! Great race, very well organized! Thanks!!!

— Sue Safadi, Vancouver

I really enjoyed this race. It was very well organized and the volunteers were awesome. The course was well-marked and well-manned. This was my 11th 1/2 marathon and the first I remember running where I saw every single km marker. I'll definitely be back.

— Brandy Hughes, North Vancouver

Good race — one of the better halfs I have ever done — traffic and the highway was a little concerning — a lot of irresponsible and dangerous drivers out there! :O

— Jono Lloyd, North Vancouver

My husband and I moved to BC last summer and so this was our first Gibsons run. We've done (slow) 1/2 marathons all over the place (San Fran, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, NYC). This race was awesome and we definitely plan (if our body parts are still functioning well enough) to run the race again. Totally loved the community spirit and organization. Great job. Thanks so much.

— Merrianne Couture, Vancouver

I thought it was very well organized. Just a little suggestion that there be a depository of some sort (bin or someone holding a plastic garbage bag) where we could throw the empty cups — runners may not be able to but walkers could — just a little less work for those picking up — thanks again for all your hard work.

— Louise Ames, Sechelt

What a great event. I had heard great things about it over the last few years so I had to give it a try. I ran the Half (in a new PB!) and my family competed as a team. I've told many people how great the course and the overall feeling of the race is. Oh and honestly, the price really helps! Racing 4 or 5 halfs, some fulls and triathlons really adds up so this was excellent value at only $1.69/km!

— Liz Cullen, Vancouver

With all the fast guys in the race, I didn't even think I'd be close to getting top 3 in my age group! Thanks for mailing out my award!
This was my first year doing the race after it being on my "to do" list for a while and I loved every minute! Great race, great location, great volunteers! Thank you very much!

— Jonathan Kisiloski

Lots of fun, great way to start the season and prepare for the Vancouver Marathon!

— Lisa Stiver, Gibsons

Congratulations to the organizers on an awesome event. It was our first April Fools run and it won't be our last.....we were so impressed with the organization of the race! A HUGE thank you! It was seamless travelling from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast, racing and then travelling home....we will definately spread the word.

— Marlene Scott Yee Fung, Surrey

Just moved to BC, this was my first race here and really loved it! Great info leading up to the race (website & email — maps especially), wonderful volunteers & I love the t-shirt!
Thanks for a great run!

— Sandy Holloway

What an awesome race. A lot of my Squamish buddies were out there and it was so much fun as usual. I loved the T-Shirt this year and was wondering if I had ordered one for my husband. I think I had but it was so long ago now. Would you have a record of that?
Thanks so much.

— Claudette M Jonzon, Squamish

Please don't make people wait in the wind and cold for the awards ceremony. I left part way through because I was freezing. Start earlier with awards, like at the 2 1/2 hour mark when most people are finished. Leave draw prizes for the end, or do away with them altogether. Too much time is wasted on them. If you can't do the above, then provide runners with heated shelter!!!!
It would be nice to have age groups going beyond 70, to acknowledge the spirit of those who keep running, or start running in their senior years. It's very difficult for someone in their 80s or 90s to compete with a "youngster" who's just turned 70.

— Daryl Sturdy, Vancouver

Love the race, love the volunteers, love the atmosphere, love everything about it, we ran the first time in 2009, this year was our second, and we will be back again and again.

— Suzanne Pearce, Delta

Just wanted to say what a great job you did organizing the April Fools Run and what a beautiful day we had for it. We enjoyed having David stay with us, he was lots of fun and is an amazing runner! Quite an inspiration!

— Shaunna Asselstine, Gibsons

Thanks! Great job on the run....very well organized! Hope you're getting some R&R.

— Kathie Schellenberg, Langley

Thank You for another outstanding race.

— Charles Mackey, Richmond

Great race, great organization, beautiful, challenging course, and fun road trip in general. Thanks again. And thanks for keeping it affordable!

— Trefor Smith, North Vancouver

It was a great run and I enjoyed it very much. Big thanks to all the volunteers who helped us on the road (ex. cheering, water station, and traffic control). They were all great.
Although there was information on bus in our package there were no clear signs on where to take the bus back to the Gibson. I asked couple of volunteers but they all told me to ask the next volunteer I see.

— Natsuko Kamikawara, Richmond

Could not find shower facilities at Finish area. Despite cold wind and temperature stayed till end of award ceremony yet results were not posted on site. More coffee would be great. A heat lamp would certaonly help. If winners of prizes were pre-drawn why not posted those BIB#/names well in advance in order to encourage people to stay longer?
Overall bad time management. Award presentation took too long and went overtime. No school bus to take runners back to ferry. While the local transit waived the bus fare out of courtesy yet bus route took way too long to get back to ferry terminal and many runners missed the 2:30 ferry.
Race course was way too hilly (especially 14K-17K) therefore NOT enjoyable. Our first Fools Run and sorry not coming back.

— Name not given, Vancouver

— Congratulations to both you and Larry for stellar organization of another April Fools' Run.

Helen Sabourin, Gibsons

I was amazed for such a small race how many people came out to cheer! And the volunteers at the water stations were terrific cheer leaders too!
What a great race! Thanks to everyone who put this together - we will definately be back!! It's well worth the trip from Calgary!!

— Marlo Hertling, Calgary

It was my first half marathon and it was incredible. The atmosphere was great and the route was excellent as well. The people were incredibly helpful and friendly and it was a great experience. :)

— Morgan Lawley, Fort McMurray

Another well organized race by the Nightingales. I love the post race refreshments and awards. I managed to finish in a PB 1:35:05 despite a challenging course. Surprisingly, I won a draw prize prize as well. A book called "Fitness Running". Keep up the good work.

— Norman Lum, Burnaby

What a marvelous run. I really enjoyed myself. The volunteers were terrific and the woman that made me the bagel with cream cheese and jam was an absolute angel. I'm sure that it is this feedback over the years that has made it such a wonderful run and in that spirit I will offer my only observation, it was very difficult running in the neighborhood in the beginning that had so many wood burning fireplaces going. Just mentioning it. Probably not a lot could be done and fireplaces are part of life on the Sunshine Coast.

— Ron Dolling, North Vancouver

Seven runners from our running club in Burnaby enjoyed yet again the well-organized, welcoming half marathon, from the buses at the ferry terminal, the scheduled transport during the day, the energized volunteers and friendliness throughout. The MADE IN CANADA shirts are and were icing on the cake. Well done again!

— Bob Kuhn, Burnaby


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