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Runner Feedback 2008

Very well organized event ... gets better each year. I think what impresses me most is that you truly do pay attention to the feedback you get and try to make further improvements based on it. You don't just pay lip service to the process. As a participant that is very much appreciated.
Pasta dinner comments: The meal was great!!! The band was great as well.
- Neil Miller, St. Albert, AB the way I really enjoyed the run today - very well organized and a beautiful course. Hope to do it again next year!
- Cindy Tolley

Sorry I didn't get to say thank you for such a great opportunity to compete in your race. It was wonderful and I really enjoy the view and awesome route. I wanted to talk to you in person to say it but you were busy with the awards and I didn't want to interrupt. So thank you once again.
- Joan McGrath, New Westminster

Just a quick note to let you know that I run almost all the races that Race Headquarters times (about 20-25 per year), and your organization, response, and website are all first class. There was so much we appreciated:

1. the little blue flyers in the hotel room
2. the cool jazz club at the feast
3. washrooms at the transitions
4. clarity in all information, everywhere
5. no confusion
6. excellent logistics
7. whole-city participation
8. cream cheese and jam with the breads
9. cookies
10. quick email response

Although the weather could have given you a tiny break for the out of town tourists, it was great for the runners.
A couple constructive criticisms:

1. Use a louder megaphone or speaker system in the gym
2. Use a loud obnoxious man to announce the awards (I assume that was petite you announcing).
3. You needed another water jug at the finish

Well done!! Thanks for making my first visit to the Sunshine Coast something great.
- Ray Barrett III

There were 6 of us that attended and we thought that the race was very well organized and alot of fun to be a part of. We will definitely be back next year. Congratulations to all the organizers for a job well done!
- Dina Spagnuolo, Burnaby

Thank you once again for the tremendous job you have done organizing the run. You even managed to get the rain to hold off. The new start area is great and the finish at Davis Bay is the best. There was a real buzz at the finish line.
- David Bromley, Roberts Creek

Thanks for all your hard work in organzing such a great race.
The volunteers were great.
The finish line area was well organized and it was nice to have the awards asap.
Some things to think about in the future: water in the gym so you can wash the bagels down, and maybe signs for the buses so you know which bus you are getting on (to Gibsons, to the Ferry) etc.
- Bill Corsan, New Westminster

[Director's note: we did have signs for the buses but the drivers didn't get them distributed to every bus, unfortunately.]

Very nice run, great volunteers, very well organized. I would definitely do the run again. The only thing I would change is to add a couple more water/glucose stations, that would be very helpful.
- Linda Gastaldo, New Westminster

Some of the best volunteers I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I was having a bad run and I would have been a lot worse if it hadn't been for the marvelously cheerful folks on the road and the smiling first aid guy in the brown van. He desires a hug. Great event. Thanks!
I could run around Roberts Creek for days, what an interesting spot. Talk about rainforest! Wow. There were some really cool gardens too. I almost went off the road I was so busy checking out one garden filled ravine. By the time I came through Roberts Creek was also the only cheering section out - in about three spots. That was fun, especially the one right before the hill. One thing about walking a half marathon versus running, lots of breath to thank volunteers with. Nice group of volunteers, not that all volunteers aren't nice but your folks were lively too. The bunch at the first station were a blast and the girls at the second station were having so much fun and laughing so hard, they could hardly talk but they still made sure they cheered me on and got some refreshment into my hand.
Take care and thanks again for a great event.
Pasta dinner comments: Food was absolutely fabulous and we loved the band.
- Kristie Congram, Vancouver

Hello Teresa,
Thank you again for the entry, and also for putting on a great event. As far as I could see everything went off without a hitch. The course was more difficult than I anticipated but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Hope you have a great spring and perhaps I'll see you again next year.
Take care,
- Ryan Day, Richmond (overall winner)

Another well organized April Fool's Half Marathon. I hope you are able to keep it affordable and folksy as it grows in popularity each year!
- Trefor Smith, Vancouver

Actually commented this morning to a co-worker that the cheering all along the way was great. Loved people out on their chairs - very encouraging.
- Les Hudson, Nanaimo

Hey Teresa,
Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for a great run. Of course, cash is always great, but the pottery was a fantastic idea. I absolutely love it. Just disappointed that the artist didn't sign it! Anyway, please let her know that her work is beautiful.
Yesterday was only my second time over there, only went to Gibsons the first time. I am so envious... know I should've been more focused, but I couldn't help admire the beautiful surroundings.
Thanks for a great course, a great day, and all of your hard work. I'm sure he'll tell you himself, but I know that Doug [Alward] was absolutely thrilled to be there too.
Take it easy,
- Suzanne Evans, New Westminster (women's winner)

Teresa, I forgot to mention that your announcer at the finish line was brilliant. As I sat in the middle of the race course at the finish line he saw a break in the runners and started telling everyone several times to wave at Duane, so we got some great shots of what it's like to be cheered on at the finish line! Please thank him so much!
- Duane Burnett, photographer, Roberts Creek

As a resident of the sunshine coast I am proud to say that this was my first half marathon. What a beautiful place to begin. The coast has such a tranquil and relaxed nature with outstanding support from all that live here. I would like to thank bib number 55 for his great spirit and encouragment before the race. Your friendly nature and upbeat personality gave me the ease that I needed to calm my post race jitters. I was very satisfied with the overall results of this event.
Thank you to everyone involved, I had a great day.
Pasta dinner comments: the entertainment was great and the dinner was well organized.
- Taunya Langley, Sechelt

This was my first year doing the race. I thought it was great how the other racers were so supportive and said things to me to make me keep going. I will definitely try again next year. Thanks for the great run!
- Kathy McDougall, Gibsons

Completely enjoyable, definitely an event for all abilities.
Thanks to all the volunteers for their help and support, it was good to see so many young people giving their time.
See ya next year.
- Ken Worsnop, Granthams Landing

Really enjoyed it.... thanks ......looks like a lot of work
Feel really stiff...... just not used to those sunshine coast hills !! or any hill really !!!
Will come again ..........
- Gill Cullen, West Van

Loved the guy in the brown minivan checking to see if we were all Ok...he made me smile everytime
Didn't like the mall sunday morning... forced to wait outside (freezing), hard to see the lines between chip pick up and the washrooms... could the mall not have had the interior doors to starbucks open? Bus driver back to the mall was very friendly. My first fools run, personally I would like to have finished in Sechelt. Good job though!
- Sue Booth, Gibsons

Director's note: for 2009 we have rented the new Gibsons rec centre with tons of indoor space!

Hi Teresa & Larry,
THANK YOU for everything! I wanted to send you both heart-felt thanks for welcoming me to the Sunshine Coast.
From joining the clinic and running with a great bunch of people, right through race day and all the support along the way. Congratulations on a very well run event.
Enjoy some well deserved recovery time now,
- Jenny Rasmussen, Sechelt

Thanks to all! the race was well organized. The course was good. the tech shirt fits great. I look forward to next year's event.
- Ruby Ferguson, Coquitlam

Thanks again for organizing such a great event! This was our 4th year in a row, hope to do it again!
- Barry Ryziuk, St. Albert, AB

I was surprised at how professionally run this race was considering it is such a small race. We had a wonderful time!!! Thanks!
Pasta dinner comments: the dinner was fantastic... we really enjoyed the band.
- Michelle Duiker, Ardrossan, AB

The run is very well organized and there is lots of information on the website. It takes a lot of people to organize an event like this and for a small town it's a big race! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out and cheered us on!!
Running along the Davis Bay waterfront was spectacular, there aren't many races where you can run along the water and enjoy the beautiful scenery!
- Tammie Lumsden, Gibsons

I loved the run. I have only been on the coast 5 weeks but had researched local runs on the internet. This is a perfect run for me as a lead in to the Vancouver Marathon. I loved the downhill course which allowed me to record my best time over this distance in 25 years.
I was stunned how high I finished in the field - are Canadians in general slow runners? At age 53 I was amazed to be the third local finisher and 39th overall!! And that computer adjustment for age lifted me to 16th overall and first local (I love that program. Where can I get a copy?)
Anyway maybe I am just feeling so positive because I ran so well, or because I am enjoying my stay here so much already. I am a doctor from Australia and am one month into a nine month locum job here as a doctor at Sechelt medical clinic. So far I love everything about the coast and particularly the half marathon.
- Brian Murphy, Sechelt

Great race over all but for those who were in last there was no food at finish line. Great MC to cheer on at the beginning and end. I will do the race again.
- Lorri Baker, Crofton

Thanks for putting on a fantastic run - I wish I could have stayed for the prize-giving. Great weather for running too - no wonder records were broken!
- Elspeth Miller, Garibaldi Highlands

Thank you for your dedication and high octane effort. Your induction into Sunshine Coast Athletic Hall of Fame is secured. We are very fortunate to have you in our community.
- Arne Tveit-Pettersen, Sechelt

It was great. I had a fabulous time. It was very well organized. It was wonderful to hear my name as I approached the finish line. I enjoyed the training sessions. Can hardly wait until next year.
- Elizabeth Boghean, Gibsons

I liked the course. It would have been really good if the halfway point had been signed, I don't think it was (or didn't see it). The marshals and volunteers were all very helpful, thank you all for standing out there in the cold rain. Beautiful area, one of my favourite races, I'll be back next year for race and Molly's Reach oyster sandwich.
- Vicki Mann, Vancouver

Third time for the April Fool's run. Love it. Volunteers are committed, friendly, experienced. The whole day is friendly and fun. Ability to get a shower in Gibsons was a big help.
- Robert Kuhn, Burnaby

Good course and event was fairly well organized. Could have used the Gleukos at the 5K mark though and signage for the school at the finish line would have been helpful. Otherwise, my wife, mother-in-law and I had a wonderful time and are looking forward to coming back next year.
- Philip Lee, Richmond

I will visit again because of family and will probably do the race again. Despite some uphill there was always some downhill for recovery. I am very happy that the Davis Bay hill was removed since I last ran the race in 2005. No complaints about the weather. The bit of drizzle wasn't a problem.
It was a bonus to find a pair of running sox along with my pottery dish when I picked up my prize (very convenient for me at Racquets and Runners - just 5 minutes from work).
Thank you for a great race.
- Margaret Kerr, North Delta

Great event that I will highly recommend and re-visit. Another package pick-up location would be great, along with enough race shirts for everyone.
- Anonymous, Vancouver


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