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Runner Feedback 2007

Thanks for your terrific organisation and excellent race. Your advice and information about the race was extremely useful.
I was quite hesitant about entering because of my late arrival in Vancouver but once I was on my way to the ferry at Horseshoe Bay, other runners were only too pleased to help guide me and my wife to the start.
The competitors and spectators were most encouraging and the course was quite forgiving. The scenery was stunning but I certainly would not relish the prospect of running the course in the reverse direction.
I was delighted with my prize and empathise totally with the sentiments on the dish - Fools Run. It is the envy of all my running colleagues.
I am delighted that I was fortunate enough to experience such a idyllic part of Canada and maybe have the good fortune to return in the future.
Once again, thanks for a wonderful experience. Good luck next year.
- Mike Davies
Les Croupiers Running Club
Cardiff, Wales

Everything went like clockwork from the ferry-bus connection to the ferry home - that's the mark of a well-organized race. The awards ceremony was good too - although lots of participants missed it. I love my prize bowl!
- Elspeth Miller, Garibaldi Highlands

Volunteers were great. Transportation to and from the ferry was excellent!!!!
- Christie McJannet, Vancouver

Thanks, for calling yesterday and checking on my 3rd place award! It is the first time I placed in any race and that I've received an award and as such it obviously means a lot to me.
My friend, who was so nice to pick up my award at the ceremony, finally gave me the award last night. The awards are great, just emphasize the personal touch on the race and really make operations like the Sun Run look rather pale. It is amazing that you can put up a smooth event on such a low budget!
Thanks again,
Carsten Rathsack, Vancouver

A great event resulting in a personal best.
- Dominic Gerelle, North Vancouver

A great race - very well organized - terrific course - aid stations were perfect. A big thank you to all the volunteers!
- Rick Ellery, Port Moody

Congratulations, Teresa, Larry, the wonderful volunteers, for a well-organized Half Marathon enjoyed today by hundreds of runners. Everything was done to perfection; particularly the cheerful smiles of you and your volunteers, one of whom I waltzed matilda about four times as she moved stations toward Sechelt. I am the Captain of the Cameron Cruisers, a small running group headquartered in the Cameron Recreation Centre in Burnaby. Five of our runners: Rob Stagg, Jeff May, Rod Hargreaves, Edie Kernighan and Bob Kuhn, plus one 'athletic supporter', one of our runners and wife of Rob, Nancy Stagg, took in the race today and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Rod and I missed the Davis Bay Hill; yeah, like a root canal. The modified route was safer, scenic and still challenging. When does registration open for 2008? We'll be there, God willing!
Thank you again, Bob
- Bob Kuhn, Burnaby

I really liked the change in route this year!
Pasta comments: Great food! The restaurant won't have enough space when this event catches on.
- Neil Miller, St. Albert, AB

Just to let you know that I thought the race was extremely well organised and in particular the friendliness of everyone. I had a great time, thank you.
PS Well done on the portapotties at the water stations, very welcome!
- Laura Mallalieu, West Vancouver

I had a great time - nice course, fun people. I will recommend this race to friends! I will also recommend the Cedars Inn. I hope to come back to the Sunshine Coast to camp and hike in the summer.

Way to go on the route - it was so enjoyable - one of my favourite 1/2s so far. We had a girls weekend and had a great time. We are coming back next year for sure. No kids No husbands! Thanks!!
- Adele Berry, Surrey

Great race, even better price. $60 1/2 marathons add up pretty quick when you do them all the time. I really liked the course, even though it was hilly every time I got tired of uphill there was a nice downhill and none of the climbs were too steep.
- Ryan Conroy, Vancouver

I enjoyed and appreciated all the support. I particularly loved the support of the violin/guitar family who played on Pratt. What a sweet gesture! I also smiled when I passed the mom and little boy on Beach Ave who had the maracas. Very nice. I think it's great role modeling for those little people to see their parents supporting others and people participating in community activities.
- Gail Rines, Gibsons

Definitely preferred this route to our previous one! There is still a good variety of hills (downhill and uphill) and flat. The trail section was also a very pleasant addition. I thought the start and finish sections of the run were excellent.
- Keith Brind, Gibsons

Was very impressed with how easy it was, getting off the ferry and having the bus meet us, take us to the start, the bus driver even let us sit on the bus, keeping warm before the race, as it was about 1 degree.........that was wonderful! Then picking up our stuff at the other end and the bus taking us back to the ferry. For anyone travelling from the mainland on the morning of the race, it was really a no-brainer.
Food at the finish was a bit meager, but other than that, it was a really well-organized race. ..........and pretty speedy course too! Thanks!
- Glynda FitxGerald, West Vancouver

A really scenic and well organized run. My only suggestion would be that the medals have 'Half-marathon' inscribed on them so that we have proof of our accomplishment! This was our second year in this run and will do again next year.
- Sandy Therrien, North Vancouver

Great race keep up the great job. See everybody next year. Thank-you for all the hard work.
- Robert Durrant, Langley

Third time and the best time! The finish line could not have been in a more beautiful place. Thank you for everything, had a great time.
- Barry Ryziuk, St. Albert, AB

Thanks so much to all the volunteers and event organizers - without you folks races wouldn't happen. There were a couple of ladies that seemed to be everywhere I ran past, one was an older gal, slight build, the other was collecting coats along the way. It was my first time doing this event but my 3rd of the year so far and Lord knows how many over the past number of years (why am I getting slower if I run so many of these things, must be the wine and chocolate) and this event was very well organized along the course. Odd to see the distance markers in miles though but a nice change from the k's, made it seem faster. Thanks to all involved, had a great weekend.
- Bev Schmuck, Maple Ridge

Great event. Was my first time and looking forward to doing more. Lotsa fun. Would have liked to have seen more water/gleukos stations along the way tho. Thanks to everyone who worked to pull this off! Well done.
- Janice Schuks, Gibsons

This was a wonderfully organized race, from pre-race updates to the awards ceremony. Accolades to the volunteers and organizers.
The awards, one of which I was fortunate to win, are very unique and truly a keepsake. I ran quite a few half marathons last year on the West Coast and a 15 K in Maui, and in my opinion this is the most scenic and interesting course. Also, great door prizes! Love the neighbourhood cheering and support groups, but the single lady supporter who was cheering at five separate locations that I was aware of (was that Liz?, I have never met her but have seen her picture) was just outstanding! SHE should be a prize winner. Congratulations Nightingales on a job well done.
- Helen Sabourin, Gibsons

Very well organized, great volunteers, great event. Well done and thank you!!
- Louise Corcoran, West Vancouver

I wanted to thank you for doing a fabulous job organizing the run. What a lot of work. I had no idea what a production it was until we were running and we could really see how much effort had gone into it. Congratulate yourselves on a job well done!!
- Gemma Goss, Gibsons

Great pre-event communication. The entry fee is awesome! Keep it that way. Great local support. Good job.
- Christa, Whistler

I will return to the SC soon, as I have to come over to use the gift certificate to the Pharmacy... I wanted a bigger size of shirt. I guess I'll just order the men's next year... I liked it better without the early start.. cause I felt everyone packed up so fast after I arrived and I had to wait for 1/2 hr for the bus.
Okay enough complaining.. The weather was great .. It was a better course this year despite my worse time. The addition of the pasta dinner was good and the omit of the luncheon was fine... everybody is running for the ferry anyhow.
Great race.. I'll be back and better trained next year. Already signed up for the Scotiabank 1/2!
- Patricia Rudiak, Vancouver

The volunteers were awesome! The lady taking jackets was fabulous! There was another lady - I swear she was at every stop - cheering and jumping. Everyone was amazing!
- Leah Strange, Surrey

Really enjoyed the race and felt that the community really got behind it. One comment for next year is to look into getting zap straps for the chip timers, so runners can attach them to their laces. They are very irritating to wear on your ankle and I have cuts and blisters from the chafing. Just a small suggestion. Two thumbs up!!
- Heather Bretschneider, Victoria

Loved the new beginning to the route. The volunteer crew along the way was very well organized. Nice to see the presence of amubulances along the way keeping an eye on everyone. Loved the enthusiasm and motivation of the lady that seemed to be everywhere! (her photo used to be on the home page) Will definitely be back next year, but not looking forward to the 11 mile hill. The ending right on the bay was a fabulous ending!! Keep it that way, please!
- Toni Leverett, Bowen Island

I loved this route! Such a nice change to run a race in such a beautiful, natural setting. I really appreciated the local folks who came out to cheer us on. Some of whom I saw 6 or 8 times along the route!! Everything seemed to be well organized and run along smoothly... thanks for all your hard work volunteers!! I'll come back for this race again and bring more friends!
- Melanie Ellery, Vancouver

I did not enjoy the course at all. The camber on the roads is terrible, because for a huge portion of the race, we are unable to run in the middle of the road because of cars. I thought it would be more scenic. I thought the volunteers were amazing and the post race food was excellent. Well organised and great weather. I would return for sightseeing, but I would not return for this race again.
- Kathy Ilott, Whistler

Enjoyed the new route - always like running trails. We were well spaced out by the time we hit the trail. Also, liked the new finish line - seemed more exciting being able to see the spectators and the actual finish line in the distance.
The buses worked very well from ferry to race start and after race as well.
All the volunteers were friendly.
Great draw prizes and pottery bowls for age catergory winners.
We always enjoy the Sunshine Coast and this race is one more reason to come and visit.
- Grace Blok, Whistler

Job well done !!! we had a great time :):) we will try and make it back next year. The one lady who was every where cheering, she was awsome. She was in a tan station wagon going from spot to spot. If the world had more people like her what a happy place it would be all the time.
- Janet Fry & Lee Fry, Prince George

Pasta comments: The food was good and plentiful ... the entertainment was really upbeat which was terrific. We expected there would be a lot more runners there and were suprised at the small turnout.
The whole course was great!! I loved the small trail run that was included near the start!! I loved coming in along the ocean for the finish line!!
Great race!! It was extremely well organized and the route was beautiful!! We will recommend it to our running friends here in Calgary!! We will definitely be back to run it again!! We were very grateful for the late checkout extended by the folks at the Cedar Inn!! The volunteers were terrific all along the race route - a big thanks to them all!! The only disappointment was that my husband received one of the great long sleeved black shirts in his race package and I did not - and I had registered before him!! Thanks for a wonderful time - it was a terrific introduction to the Sunshine Coast!!
- Marlo Hertling, Calgary

Director's note: we had limited sizes in the long-sleeved shirts and they sold out very quickly, especially the women's shirts. It was a special clearance deal from New Balance and the 100-shirt order was placed in the fall, with size #'s based on last year's orders.

Great Race. Very well organized and wonderful route! As well, the clinic training was a great way to help me prepare for my first 1/2 marathon.
- Denise Dunn, Gibsons

Congratulations to organizers & volunteers - a well run event - especially the logistics for the day trippers! The bus service from & to the ferry made it a 'no worries' event to participate in. Thanks!
- Andrew Parr, Vancouver

Really liked the course changes. Davis Bay finish is much better location, and I personally really enjoyed the short trail section.
I ran the Yakima River Canyon Marathon on Saturday and was on my way home and decided to stop to get in a jog. I was very pleasantly surprised at the improvements from 2 years ago. Way to go!
- Rob McWilliam, Gillies Bay

A better finishing location without the killer hill. It was still a tough run and the weather was simply spectacular the whole weekend.
- Norman Chiu, Richmond

Hi Teresa!
You and Larry are the greatest. The run is getting better and better, all my people (15 plus cheerleaders) had a great time, including Grammas Pub! Sorry we didn't get to the awards, but the majority wanted to eat and then catch the 2:30 ferry. I'm sure we'll be bringing more participants next year, as about 6 of our group were 1st timers,and they will bring some of their other friends.
- George Agnew, Richmond

Great Job on the race.
Only one negative comment and that is with regard to relay teams (had friends doing a relay who were beginner runners). Really feel that all runners should get numbers. I have done many relays at various sites and all runners get numbers. It is important for all registered to feel they are part of the run. What is the point of asking people to register if you are not going to give them numbers. Also feel that you should be having the relay teams hand off on the timing chip.
Wanted to comment on the volunteers along the route and how great they were with cheering on and encouraging the runners. Great Job !!!
See you next year.
- Gayle Lewis, Squamish

Director's note: We apologise for not ordering extra bibs for relay team members. This will be fixed in 2008!

Thanks for great, well organised event with laid back friendly atmosphere!
- Ellie Greenwood, Vancouver

I think it would have been useful to have had one more water station along the route - other than that thank you for a job well done.
- Dawn Cambrin, Gibsons

The race was lovely - well organized and lovely and full of lovely views. The Sunshine Coast is so picturesque and people are so friendly. I will be back!
- Steph Taylor, North Vancouver

Great event. The New course is great, but big hill at 9 miles big hill at 11 miles. Who cares it's just a run. Have fun, do the best you can, whether walker or running. Just enjoy the most beautiful 1/2 marathon on the planet. See all next year.
- Charles Davis, Richmond

Beautiful scenery and nice off highway route. Thought the finish area could have been better as 2 way traffic was quite busy. Had my worst timed run! But overall would come back for the scenery and the spectators were great.
- Kay Simpson, White Rock

I love the new route! Adding the trail section changes the character a bit but doesn't make the race easier (new little hills) and I love trail running! Knowing that that long downhill leads directly into the finish gives the race a totally new dynamic (no need to save up for the nasty Davis Bay hill). The 'only' suggestion I have is to move the water station on top of Marlene Rd, I just can't drink when my heart rate is at 180+ after running hard up that hill - but I was thristy! Well done! Great organization, great spectators, great volunteers, great place to be! Oh, would I be the only one to say that I liked it better without the timing chips? It was something "special" not to have chips.
- Carsten Rathsack, Vancouver

It is a very nice race, nice route with great food at the finish. I will do it again next year and spend more days exploring the surrounding areas. I like the new medal design.
- Angela Tseung, Burnaby

Great course. Well run race. Love the sunshine coast.
- Chris Brandt, Vancouver

What a fantastic race! It was my first half-marathon and I have to say the training clinic was invaluable! Big thanks to organizers Teresa and Larry and all the wonderful volunteers and sponsors (the Gleukos was a great addition to the water station—it helped!). I will be back next year.
- Marisa Alps, Halfmoon Bay

My name is Georgia Toth, I am 12 years old and my friend Carlyn and I ran the race, I'm pretty sure we came in last, only because we didn't really finish...we got a ride, but we still got medals and we got a ton of pictures take. I was just wondering if you are planning to put any other pictures on this site. I'll keep checking back! Great race!

Great job - very well organized. Suggestion: more people might attend the award ceremony if it occurred directly after the run somewhere near the finish line. Also for draw prizes, those who attend could drop the rip off tab from their number into a bucket and the prizes drawn from that.
Pasta dinner comments: Entertainment was fantastic - food was average, but we had a great evening.
- Clare Maycock, Roberts Creek

Well organised race. Fantastic support from locals.
- Charlie Caunt, Vancouver

First time doing it - challenging and beautiful. I walked it this year, and am planning on running it next year! Thanks so much for your awesome work on a neat event!
- Lori Fielding, Garden Bay

Great job - lots of extras organizing buses. New course with less highway good. Awards unique.
- Jacquie Boyer, Port Moody

A great race on nearly all fronts - an awesome volunteer crew, good signage and direction. I was disappointed tho to see the relay teams were only provided with numbers and chip timing for the final runner. For some of them, relay is the first experience with road races and it's unfortunate for them to be almost 'persona non grata'.
- Carol Cairns, Sechelt

Had a great time, loved the new course. Have to give a great big thank you to the lady who seemed to be every where cheering. At the finish she even ran with people to get them over the finish line. My partner and I just loved her and had to give her a great big hug at the end. Thank you all for a great race!!!!!
- Andrew Parker, Vancouver

It would be a nice touch if somewhere on the running shirt and medal it said "half-marathon". The volunteers were fabulous and it was well organized.
- Gayle Azyan, New Westminster

Had a great time, please keep up the good work, pleased to see the porta potties along the route.
- Gael Johnstone, Sechelt

The race was well organized, the buses were timely, the route was great and the volunteers were wonderful. The collection of extra garments during the race was a nice touch. I liked the shirt, plain with just the logo and the medal was good, too. Great job! It was a fun way to spend a Sunday in such a beautiful place. I hadn't been to the Sunshine Coast for over 30 years and will come back.
- Edie Kernighan, Coquitlam


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