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Runner Feedback 2006

Thank you, thank you, thank you SO MUCH! This was such a great first half marathon for me. I am so appreciative of all the volunteers, it was an awesome experience, THANK YOU!
- Laura Henderson, Abbotsford

Great, well organized race. I loved the route. Last year was my first year and I came back for year #2. I have raved to friends about this race for the past year and will continue to do so. While I probably won't run it next year (other plans) I would definitely like to run it again in the future.
Keep up the good work!!!
- Neil Miller, St. Albert

This was my first race of this kind and I enjoyed the challenge and also I look forward to next year. See you then.
- Chris MacGregor, Gibsons

This was my second Fools Run and I enjoyed my stay in Gibsons as much as if not more than last year. Thanks again for a great race and all the local hospitality.
- Kenny Nielsen, Calgary

What a great day. My first half marathon and definitely not my last. Thank you to all that organized and worked hard to make it happen.
- Katherine Kelsey, West Vancouver

My second time in the race, brought many others with me to do the race, they were all happy, and sore.
Thanks - Kerry Mittleman, Manager, Running Room Surrey

Good run, well organized. Cheers to all the coordinators, volunteers and the coast residents. I was proud to live here and see the great community spirit so apparent on race day. The weather was awesome and I think the support of our clinic group members for each other was awesome, too.
- Michelle Grondin, Halfmoon Bay

I loved this run — challenging, friendly and doable.
- Dianne Brown, White Rock

Fools run virgin. Moved from Scotland 18 months ago and never did any running. Friend pursuaded me to "jog" round the Sea Wall @ Stanley Park a year ago, then suggested the April Fools run. Almost killed me, but the scenery and the support from the locals made all the pain worthwhile. Quality seafood platter at Grammas too! See you next year (for the run that is - I'll be back sooner for a more leisurely visit!). Congratulations to all the participants and to the organizers/volunteers/supporters. Team effort all round! Cheers
- Angus Johnston, North Vancouver

A first-class event befitting the first-class Sunshine Coast. Well managed by first-class people. I wish I had been informed about the ideal and beautiful weather at least 24 hrs prior to the race. I would have dressed slightly different. Not that it would have mattered one iota. Congratulations to all, but in particular to Teresa and Larry Nightingale.
- Arne Tveit-Pettersen, Sechelt

Great race! Good support along the way. The volunteers were super. Friendly race. Well organized.
Would recommend that the water station on the hill by Joe Road be moved to a flat stretch. Anyone with breathing problems cannot stop on a hill.
- Joan Schuppli, Sechelt

Had a great time. Everyone (volunteers) at the start, along the way, at the finish were so enthusiastic, encouraging and helpful. I look forward to this run next year.
- Lauren Wilson, Westbank

I found the run challenging, but what a beautiful scenic route. Next year I'll have an idea of how many hills there actually are and I'll pace myself a little differently. There wasn't enough water at the finish line was my main criticism, other than we had no idea where the start was as there didn't seem to be any signage. Otherwise, it was great! Thanks to the community for facilitating this event!
- Rhonda Finkbeiner, Surrey

What a gorgeous place to hold a run!
- Stacey Tucker, Squamish

I had an enjoyable time and really appreciate the beautiful pottery I have received! Amazing!
Great group of volunteers and organizers! Really enjoyed the warm welcome and lovely (& challenging) course.
- Katrina Driver, Vancouver (women's winner)

Great organization, Larry and Teresa! How did you arrange such great weather, too? Water stations well-organized and -equipped. Enjoyed the post-race event. Really enjoyed hearing the choir. Great prizes. Thanks for all your hard work to make this a wonderful event!!!

This is my 3rd "Fools Run." It's all fantastic! I think it took too long at the post race brunch before the awards were presented. Many folks needed to catch the 2:30pm ferry home.
Will you please mail me my 3rd place pottery prize? Much appreciated. See you next year. Good luck and good health to you and your family :)
- Jennifer McGrath, Surrey

It was well run and organized. Need more water stations. The road on route is narrow in spots and quite rough at the end when the runners are tired. The footing could be better in spots.
I wonder if it would be possible not to have it along the busy highway. Maybe more on some of the back streets.
Food at the end was great and the volunteers did a great job.
- Irene Neave, Maple Ridge

[Directors' note: we have heard the highway will be widened with a pedestrian lane but if it doesn't happen by next April, we have an alternate plan to end in Davis Bay. There are no other roads that go all the way to Sechelt other than the highway.]

From all the talk on the ferry yesterday it seems your run was quite the success again as we meet up with our Surrey Marathon clinic and they were raving about the run. First off I do want to thank you for inviting us over again, both Karen and I had a good time. Feeling it a bit today but hey that's running.
- Steve Mattina, Manager, Denman Running Room, Vancouver

I am training for Ironman Coeur d'Alene this year and being here on work for 4 months I needed a good half to gauge my progress. Your race was fantastic, I had a PR at the 5K at the 10K and at the finish, it was just that last hill that prevented me from being in the top 10 in my age group. The organisation, volunteers and support were fantastic, thanks to all the cheers along the way.
- H. Dwight Raymond IV, Woodland Hills, CA

I really enjoyed the race, the only part I did not like so much was running so close to traffic on the highway. Other than that I thought it was a great race the awards breakfast was really good, the race was well organized.
Thank you - Allison Hill, Surrey

Great race - it was my first time and I loved it - I think it would be nice to have the course set up ready for the walkers/slow runners - 16K is a long way to have to carry water for and it makes us feel a little less valued as participants.
- Sharon Parry, North Vancouver

[Directors' note: we plan to make the early start cut-off 3:30 instead of 3:00 for next year so that the 'faster' early starters can move to the regular start. Then the remaining early starters will find more of the course and stations set up by the time they arrive. Most of them did find station #2 set up this year, just not the faster ones.]

First visit to area. Loved it. Stayed after race for better look around. Will bring family back in the summer for long weekend(s).
Great event!
Thanks to all behind the scenes!!
- Roger Davis, Langley

Great race again this year. Thanks for all the efforts of yourself and your volunteers.
- Charles Davis, Richmond

Fun race -- good energy and great, heartfelt cheering along the course. The community vibe was strong! Didn't love running on the side of the highway. Coffee ran out early at the finish line. And I would be happy to pay an extra $5 for chip timing. But those are small things -- overall, pretty seamless and had a good time!
- Carol Schram, Vancouver

It didn't rain this year!!! Great scenery and support. I love the sleeveless shirt.
- Tracy Russell, North Vancouver

Great event. Well organized and fun to run. Will be back with more of our running club members in 2007. Many thanks to all.
- Rod Hargreaves, Burnaby

Great race overall. Would do it again. Just wondering if all volunteers could be informed who and where to contact first aid in an emergency at the end of the race next time so we don't have to run around trying to find someone.
It would be great to have the end time for the $10 breakfast posted as a few of us came late and the food was taken away approx 1:30ish. I think people thought it went until 2:00. Yummy though.
- Christine Koyanagi, Vancouver

It was a great run, I will do it again next year and hopefully every year! I did enjoy my visit. I came here 3 years ago and was part of a relay race. I came as an individual this time. Well organized and challenging enough!
- Annie Richard, Richmond

I really loved the first half of the course but hated the second half when the traffic became heavy. It was difficult to maintain pace running on gravel and/or a tiny strip of rutted pavement. Has anyone ever considered just doing an out-and-back course starting and finishing in Gibsons?
Things I liked: Cones marking the whole course, plenty of healthy food at the finish, lots of info on the website, use of the Gibsons pool after the race.
Things I didn't like: the 2nd half of the course (see above), no times posted (I know, it's hard), music not very appropriate for post-running festivities.
- Nancy Tinari, Coquitlam


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