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Runner Feedback 2005

Impressed with the top notch organization. Communication, website updates were great, as were the tremendous team of volunteers who directed, cheered and watered us along the route. I would have appreciated km markers enroute, but that would be my only request. This marked my daughter and my first half marathon together - hopefully the beginning of many. Thanks Larry and Teresa - see you in 2006!
- Carol Cairns, Roberts Creek

So glad I made the trip. Plan on returning for next year. The Cedars Inn and pre-race dinner were great. The entire race day is well organized. Good job!
- Kenny Nielsen, Calgary

A very challenging and well organized race. Loved the scenery but not the hills. Was great fun and would return to do it again.
- Lynda Matilda, Richmond

nice race, nice place, all things very very nice (except the big-ass hill at mile 11 .... actually, now that it's behind me, i think that hill is nice too) would certainly recommend race to others and thanks to you and the community for doing such a good job.
- Sara Dettman, Vancouver

Teresa and Larry,
Congratulations and a thank you to all the volunteers, and especially to you two, for organising such a great event--on a day like yesterday, I should think that it was better to be running than standing and controling traffic or manning refreshment tables etc. You put an unimaginable amount of thought, planning and work into the project--and that's why it is such a success. Well done and thanks again.
- Dave Lumley, Garden Bay

Always a great event. Good support from the community,well marked and marshalled. Now that the race is larger you may consider 5 year age categories, and possibly total age categories for the relays!
- George Agnew, Richmond

[Organizer's note: Yes, we will break the 2 open age groups into 5-year divisions, and add some relay categories in 2006, plus a corporate relay team division for local businesses. Great suggestions.]

A belated THANK YOU to organizers Teresa and Larry and ALL SPONSORS and VOLUNTEERS and SUPPORTERS for a really fun, endorphin-filled time.

We loved the scenery, the generous camaraderie, and the opportunity to experience the still-blooming potential of our bodies and spirits in such a lovely setting! And we LIVE HERE!

As a somewhat inconfident novice, I really appreciated the opportunity to challenge myself in a "real" race forum (clearly I will never be a real runner!). I mean, where else does the race director drive by and honk and wave at us in support of our efforts!

Furthermore, we felt like we were not only participants, but also lucky front-row spectators as the fabulous front-of-the-pack runners passed us. Watching them is like art-in-motion. It was worth it just to be that close to such athletic grace.

Thank you so much for suggesting many months ago that we participate. We'll be back!

Six of us came from the Spruce Grove area of Alberta. We ran in the 2 person relay. Partly for the run, partly for a short vacation. We all enjoyed the hospitality of Cedars Inn, Trios, and the overall race and the organization. Thank you for a job well done. Rain doesn't bother runners!
- Ryan Park, Spruce Grove, Alberta

I would like to thank you guys for all the work you do. As a parent who has had his kids in this race for many years, I really appreciate the professionalism you have brought to this event.
- Layne Mitson, Halfmoon Bay

Thanks, great race! Second time here, rained both times, I hope to see the Sunshine Coast some day. My friend's GPS shows the course profile. It's almost exactly like Boston, compressed into 13 miles. It's scenic, diverse and painful, what more could you ask for!
- Noah Wallace, Vancouver

Thanks, great event we all really enjoyed the run and visit. 1 problem - I finished last in our group of 5 and the others were waiting in the rain - there was no place to change into dry clothing and no washroom either. These 2 items are a must at the end of any run. The problem was further complicated by the fact that we had to wait close to 40 min for the bus. Other than that we loved the whole experience and will be back next year. Thanks for putting together such a memorable event!!
- Barry R., St. Albert, Alberta

[Organizer's note: for 2006 we will try getting some building access, barring that we will have 2 tents with space heaters at the finish!]

Far too many 'undulating' hills for my liking...very well organized though. My hats off to the bus 'shuttle' drivers and their timing.
- Yvonne French, North Vancouver

A great event, nice course, excellent volunteers and post race event. Due to time committments I had to miss the post race. A lot of hard work by you and your volunteers is sincerely appreciated. Thank you for putting it on.
- Perry Hilden, Spruce Grove, Alberta

Great Run - I must commend you on your great organization! I was telling a running friend that I had to stop a couple of times to fix a wonky sock and there was a vehicle right there asking if I was alright!! Sure kept me moving too cause I didn't want to cause an accident!!
- Dale Gagne, Bowen Island

I just want to take this moment to thank you for all the work you did to allow us all to enjoy the race. This was my first time I participated in this run and thanks to you and all the other volunteers I really enjoyed it. Yes the weather could have been better but what can you expect when you live in and around a rain forest. The atmosphere and the scenery was great. I definitely will do it again next year. Thanks again!
- Don Vandenberg

This was my first time running in the April Fools race but it will definitely not be the last. Next year I plan on doing the whole race, just did half this year. I had a great time.
- Janice Keats, Sechelt

Well done.....especially with the 'ferry' incident. Seemed well organized - a few more marshals along the busy roads would help. THANKS TO ALL.
- Paul Cripps, North Vancouver

It was another great event thanks to you and Larry for your dedication to make it happen and the Running Room for their promotion. A couple of things that I should pass on to you which you may or may not hear about is from a group of enthusiastic Running Room runners that came all the way from St. Albert, just outside of Edmonton. They really loved the area and enjoyed everything about the race, except the long wait for one of the buses, and no washrooms at the finishline. I think porta potties at the finish are a must even though no one seemed to use them last year.
Regards, Neil Wakelin

For my first race it was alot more challenging then I expected, even after viewing the course online. Enjoyed it and thought it was well organized, hope to keep training to return next year!
- Andrea Hartley, Coquitlam

Great race, enjoyed the small town feel and the rural environment. I was in fact so impressed with the local scene that I may try to come up to the area this summer for a vacation. Bit more traffic than I expected, wouldn't mind if you cut some of that out. [Organizer's note: that's a tough one!]
- Nathan Clement, Seattle

We like the fact that the souvenir garment doesn't have too much advertising on it!! Things were very well organized - glad you were able to convince the ferries to re-instate the Sunday am sailing for those that came that day. The photos of the course on the website were excellent - even though we know the area somewhat, it was nice to be able to view the course in advance. Also, the bus back to the start was very convenient, no waiting. There's not much we can do about the weather - it is April, after all. Thanks for an excellent event, I'm sure we'll be back.
- Gary & Carol Travelbea, Fort Langley

The race was great! We had a fabulous time despite the rain. The only thing I would like to see you change is closing down one lane of traffic going into Sechelt, it was a bit scary at times to have the traffic whizzing past you so fast and to be running on such a narrow shoulder of the road. The lower part of the course is beautiful and peaceful!
- Lynn Kehoe, Airdrie, Alberta

[Organizer's note: as that's the only route connecting Sechelt to the lower coast, closing down one lane is not an option. However, there are plans to widen that section and add a proper shoulder, so we hope it will happen before next year's race!]

Great, fun race. I liked the low-key, grass roots feel of the event. Beautiful course, tougher than I thought it would be. Overall we had an enjoyable time!
- Jamie Leigh, North Vancouver

Excellent race organization all the way to the communications. No problem with the volunteers, as per usual, and thank you for stopping the rain when you did. I was not aware that you had that ability.
- Ken Hamilton, Vancouver

Thank you so much Larry and Teresa. The race was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire event in spite of the wet weather. Having participated in your clinic it was great fun to greet fellow participants on the course. As a newcomer to the coast it gave a feeling of camaraderie as we ran. I look forward to next year.
- Dave Bromley, Roberts Creek

Wonderful run. Please if you would, kindly gore a tunnel through that hill at mile 11. Much appreciated.
- Dory Boyer, Vancouver

Great Race! A wonderful course, even in the rain, I had a lot of fun. All of the volunteers did a great job. Thanks!
- Jordan Myers, Vancouver

Love this run! Everyone is so helpful. I tell everyone about it.
- Andrew Parker, Vancouver

I like the technical shirt with just the small Fool's Run logo. Very Nice.

The service at Cedars Inn - friendliness, room quality, help - was great and really appreciated. Much thanks to Cheryl at the front desk! As a brand new visitor to the Sunshine Coast, I felt quite welcome everywhere I went - even while running in the rain! The Tourism Office staff in the Gibsons Mall (Joyce, I believe) provided useful info in a very friendly manner. I do hope to visit Gibsons and area again - more towards the summer season. My first visit to Gibsons was directly related to the Fools Run - tell that to your Chamber of Commerce :)
- Randy Krawec, Montreal

Good run, loved the Gatorade. Didn't hear the start gun, lost a couple minutes. Didn't get a shirt but ordered late so my fault. Thanks for all your hard work, hope you made a little money in the end:) Bettered my time by 27 minutes! Looking forward to shaving a few mintues next year - 1.45 here we come!
- Gerald Shaffer, Roberts Creek

The race was well organized. Lots of porta potties at the start and I even saw one along the way. Thanks for improving the weather by part way through the race. I didn't attend the post race ceremonies so can't comment on them. I enjoyed the race and all the people out cheering us on or honking their horns. Despite Davis Bay Hill I will be back next year. Thank you.
- Margaret McBride, North Delta

You ran out of cups at one of the water stations. For a back of the pack runner this is not good. Most of your volunteers were great with lots of enthusiasm. Now, if you could do something about the weather!!! Overall I had a great race and will definitely do it again.
- Diane Schibild, Richmond

Dear Teresa and Larry,

Thank you so much for the Saturday morning training clinics leading up to today's fabulous run. It was very well organized and all involved had such positive energy and support. Today marks my first 1/2 Marathon - a HUGE personal achievment! Thank you again for this succesful event!

Elisa Jardine

Good course—tough but pretty. Would like to see the race chipped but the results seem pretty accurate. More food selection at the finish line would be good like milk or juice. Otherwise well organized race. Prefered the mile markers instead of km markers. Thanks!
- Teresa Zevenbergen, Richmond

Well organized; course photos might be a nice option; volunteers were friendly and efficient including the bus; the pool option was a great idea; web site was kept up to date and thorough.
- Karen Sheehan, North Vancouver

Thanks, Teresa and the rest of the committee, once again a great race! I always enjoy the race. How about some sunshine for next year!
One suggestion is maybe to put a few km markers as well. Maybe at 5km, 10km and 15km. Might be only me, but I am not a mile person and would prefer to see a few km markers. Otherwise well done and thanks a lot.
- Rene McKibbin, Delta

More water stations, maybe a band or some music along the way, more fans along the road. Not many of the locals we chatted with in restaurants, etc. knew about the event. Kilometer markers, timing chips. Just some thoughts, REALLY a great event. Cass and I will be back again next year to knock a few more seconds off our times. Thanks!!!!
- Jerry Kroll, Vancouver

This was my second Fools Run. This year, at first I felt like a fool coming all the way to the 'Sunshine' Coast to get rained upon, last year I thought everybody who didn't go must be a fool! But .. the race turned out to be great, the rain easing off and almost refreshing! The organization was first class, bag check, food, transportation, the support from the residents great despite the miserable weather. I just wish not so many people would have gone for a drive to watch us fools running in the rain ?! (that exhaust from the trucks on Davis Bay Hill, just lovely:-) Overall, an excellent race, see you for another sunny race in 2006!

P.S. stick with traditional timing, a chip would ruin the flair of the race!

Carsten Rathsack, Vancouver

Excellent Race, great value, love the course. Will be back next year.

Great race. I'll definitely be back!!

I really enjoyed the race! It was well organized with great coffee, ect. at the end of the race. The buses were great... ready to take us to the start and return us back to Gibsons after the race. I appreciated the ability to use the showers at the pool as well. Thank you for everything!
- Sara Bucovaz, Burnaby

We started an hour late just before the two mile marker and were so surprised to see aid stations still set up with happy volunteers. You did a great job of coning along the course.
- Jacquie Boyer, Port Moody

Once again you put on a nice race. One thing that would be nice to see in the future would be a road marker at the half way point, and a road marker at the one mile to go mark. See you again next year.
- Charles Davis, Richmond


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