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Runner Feedback 2004

Hey Guys,

This was my first Half-Marathon race, and I must say that I couldn't have picked a better race than the April Fools Run! The day was awesome running weather and the people were great. The route was very scenic with lots of locals cheering everyone on. The lady in the yellow jacket cheering everyone on was the best... every race needs to have someone great like her. I was also very happy with my race time. I think that I will be hooked on Half-Marathons from this race experience. See you again next year!

Darby Klekta
Langley, B.C.

Dear Teresa and all concerned,

I have just brought Arne home from the run. I believe he did it in somewhere around 2:25 minutes. Thanks to everyone who organized this most successful April Fool's Run. Arne has only missed this run 3 times since it started years ago. He is in his 74th year and hopes to run it for another 25. Congratulations to you all.

Joan Tveit-Pettersen, wife/driver

Teresa and all involved,

Thanks for putting on a great race! It was one of the best races I have ever attended and I have attended many over the last 10 years. Transportation arrangements were well organized making the day trip from Vancouver easy and without worry. The support volunteers on the course were very friendly as were the many spectators - I saw one very enthusiastic woman volunteer at the start and many times along the route. The four of us that made the trip over from Vancouver all agree it was a perfect race and day.

Mike Polay

Amazing! I love to run hills and really like the distance but was unsure if I would like the two combined. Turns out I prefer it! This was the best course I have run of any half marathon and I will be sure to return year after year to run on the beautiful Sunshine Coast again. This event set the bar really high for any other half marathon that I will participate in to come!
- Yolanta Marshall, Coquitlam

Any chance of getting porta potties on route?
Loved my hand crafted pottery prize - those kinds of unique touches will want me coming back for more!
Also, it would have been better had the awards been given away on time - any chance of getting the results in earlier?
Thanks - lovely weekend, lovely (tough) route.
- Carol Robert, Vancouver

This was a really fun race. I hope to do it next year. My suggestions for improvements:
1) Maybe more info and metric on the distance markers ...
2) It is a bit of a long wait until the brunch, and some people have to catch the 12:20 ferry. I think that an 11:15 or 11:30 brunch start would be better. And lastly, the brunch food wasn't very tasty, I wouldn't buy a ticket again - sorry!

But, overall, the course is amazing, the views incredible, people are super nice, overall a unique race and even my non-runner team mates who I basically coerced into joining me had a great time. Thanks!
- Alexandra Johnson, Vancouver

Once again you put on a great race, only better this year than last, because of the weather.
Charles Davis

Hi Teresa
Just wanted to congratulate you and the team on a great run today. I thoroughly enjoyed the run. It is a great course and even the weather cooperated this year. Great that the numbers are going up and I am sure as the word spreads it will be bigger every year! I will definitely promote the race in my club.

Hi Teresa, I just wanted to say thanks. Everything went so smooth that it amazed me. You all did an exceptional job of organizing everything and you will definitely see me again next year. Plus your town is beautiful, it took me a few minutes to realise where I had seen Molly's before, I wish I had time to eat there...maybe next time.
Take care and I'll see you next year.

Gary Robbins

Capping the number of runners at 500 is great, ensuring a more intimate, friendly and supportive experience. A race you really feel a part of rather than being just another runner in a big crowd. Even with the hills it was a great experience and one I'm looking forward to taking part in again next year.
- Jamie Hall, Vancouver

Excellent event. One of the most scenic and beautiful courses I have ever run. Congratulations on a well organized and friendly event.
- Rod Jensen, Vancouver

Race organization was great!! Everything ran smoothly for the actual race part. Exchange points were excellent - accessible, water available, etc.

For the brunch/awards part...perhaps you could liven things up a bit while waiting for the results. Ideas:
1) Do draw prizes intermittently through the brunch.
2) If people have to be present to win a draw prize, give out a ticket at the door to the awards, then draw from these numbers. This will save calling all those names that aren't actually there. That part was pretty dull...
3) Results should be available sooner. I'd be willing to pay $5 for chip timing for sure!!

It would also be nice to see a picture of the actual shirt (or whatever kind of souvenir garment) on the web site before registering and deciding whether or not to buy one. This year's shirt was advertised as a 'sleeveless, technical shirt' but was actually just a plain t-shirt style in technical fabric. No back pocket, no zip neck, no mesh inserts, etc.

Overall, an excellent event. Thank you! We're already planning to come back next year.

- The 4-H Club (Relay)

[Organizer's note: "technical" refers to the fabric, not extra features like pockets which are more of a cycling thing. Our race shirt was indeed a technical running shirt, with a shaped fit for women - just not sleeveless as we ordered.]

Really well-organized event. Nice brunch afterwards. Very challenging course, but fair. Could not beat the weather this year, but will not always be as lucky. With the big increase in race numbers, you need to decide what to do to speed up results processing. As I said above, I think the extra $5/runner would be worth it.

My wife and I will be back! Thanks for everything.
- Enzo Federico, North Vancouver


This is the first time I've participated in the April Fools Run and I just wanted you to know that I thought it was a really well organized event! You and your team did a great job! Everything went smoothly - the buses ran on time, there was ample seating, and the brunch was great. The band was good too!

I also appreciate having registration where the garment is not "mandatory" i.e. included in the price - this allows people to choose if they would like a t-shirt or not.

Congratulations on a great event! It is much appreciated,

Victoria Cox
(Vancouver, BC)

Enjoyed the entire event, and was very impressed with all aspects of the race. So organized. Accommodations were great. Thanks to all volunteers and organizers. I will be back, bringing more runners with me.
- Sylvia Helmhold, Port Coquitlam

Great race, good route, nice and challenging. Could work on the weather though, it was far too beautiful!
- Simon Cowell, Vancouver

It was my first Half, and I am so happy I did it in Gibsons!
- Esther Lauridsen, Kelowna

Hi April Fool's Run organizer,
Thank you for organizing such a good race, 2004 April Fool's 1/2 Marathon & Relay. I really enjoyed it, especially the cheering of the supporters along the route, the food at the finish, the friendly atmosphere and the enthusiastic volunteers.

Thanks also for the sunny day!
Elspeth Miller
Squamish Titans member

Brunch was a great idea and the food was first-rate.
Would suggest having names on brunch tickets and taking names of those entering the 'no brunching' part of the gym then those names could be the pool of names from which to draw for prizes. This would eliminate calling out so many names of absentees.
Thanks again.
- Frank Colbourne, Gibsons

Congratulations on putting on a wonderful race. Every aspect was well organized and you even got the weather Gods to cooperate. Your race shirts and medals are very high quality. The course is great and I look forward to returning next year and improving on my time. Cheers
- Gianni Scaramella, Richmond

Great run, fantastic weather, a challenging course and unbelievable support and cheering from such a small community! Very well organized, especially the transportation and will definitely come back next year! Would like to see ChampionChip timing.
- Karen Mok, Vancouver

It would have been rewarding for us slow runners to have a snack upon our finish - all the food except a few green bananas were gone and apparently long before I crossed the finish. Encourage all runners regardless of their running time as I found this to be a beautiful run, very fresh and scenic (Davis Bay hill a challenge)
Thank you for all your hard work
- Kristin Alston, North Vancouver

Wow!! Yippee!! The results from yesterday's fantastic run show that I placed third in my category (Female 50-54). I didn't come to the awards because I didn't purchase a ticket AND I chose to go to the Gibson's pool for a swim and hot tub. It didn't occur to me that I might've placed so well (even though I have done so in other runs). Do I indeed receive a prize?? If so, what?? I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Also, many thanks for a great day. I thoroughly enjoyed the run - the people I met were fabulous, the route was super and interesting. My only negative comment was that there was only green bananas left for snacking by the time I finished my run at 1:53:30. The folks after me must've been pretty hungry too! Oh well, no big deal!

I look forward to returning next year!

Jennifer McGrath

Greetings Teresa,

I hope you are relaxing and enjoying yourself after such a hectic weekend. It was nice to have met you on Saturday and put a face behind the name and friendly emails.

Thank you so much for accommodating our materials so readily at your race, it was fantastic. The course was gorgeous, with a wonderful view, friendly faces and perfect weather. We will be over to the Sunshine Coast quite a bit leading up to our June 12th race, and I am looking forward to it as I have grown to love it over there.

If we can provide any information, assistance etc. to you for your race organizing or anything else in the future please let me know.

All the best Teresa and thanks again!

Aimee Dunn
Marketing Coordinator
Mind Over Mountain Event Co. Ltd.

It was a great course, the water stops were placed at nice locations. Really enjoyed the hospitality and support from the local residents.
- Dawn Ng, Port Coquitlam

Good race -- gruelling, but I had a PR time. I expected a more scenic course -- more views of the ocean, etc.
Will repeat next year.
- David Webb, Vancouver

[Organizers note: there are no roads closer to the ocean than the ones used in the race route - to get any closer you'd have to run along the sandy beach!]

What a great day for a run. Just wanted to thank you for a fabulous race. We had a great time and look forward to next year!
Take care,
Leanna Dunn

I was amazed by the support and enthusiasm of the spectators. It was greatly appreciated. Beautiful run for my first half marathon along with some great company. Can't wait for next year!
- Courtney Stevenson, Kamloops

From a very happy competitor, thank you for a great event, a great day, and with out a doubt one of the prettiest places on earth!
Well done, I'll be back next year!
One of the Squamish contingent,
Liz Shepherd

It was the most beautiful run that I have ever done. I LOVED IT!!! We were also so impressed with the staff at the hotel. The rooms were great. I have 3 kids and they loved it. All in all it was a great experience. Next year we will stay longer.
- Shawna Kelly, Abbotsford

First time to do this race. Would love to come back. I appreciated the change of number from a 0730/walkers start to a regular/under 3 hours start. Sometimes as a racewalker, I get stuck in the middle of walkers and runners! The course was beautiful, challenging for a race walker trying to maintain form, people friendly. Thanks. Jean Carne

Really great prizes and draw prizes. Course was well marked. Not enough refreshments at the finish, especially with only 1 volunteer and 1 knife we couldn't even cut our own. The finish was very congested. The volunteer cheerers on the side lines were great and did a good job giving us a motivational boost.
- Angela, Gibsons

Great challenging race, lack of food at finish line, also the $10 brunch was not very good, I wouldn't pay for it again. Also I'd stay at a bed & breakfast for nearly or the same price. Also Golden Rod is not my favorite colour, but like the fact it was a coolmax and not cotton t-shirt, but I didn't buy one because of the colour, I'd never wear it. Liked all the e-mail updates makes it really handy. I enjoyed the race, and may be back again.
- Beverley Doell, Langley

I really like that as walkers we started much before the runners. I have been fighting with 3 dislocated bones in my right foot and a sciatic nerve problem in my left foot. We had hoped things would be healed by the time of the walk but this was not the case. So for me, just finishing was a great accomplishment...even though my time was not superb. I certainly was glad to be coming into the finish line with other folks as oppose to being "tail end Charlie" and arriving at least an hour after everyone else. Even though I know my time was the longest, I still felt like a winner!! My partner Viv, kept me going and even though she was a few paces ahead throughout the race and would stop to wait for me throughout, in true supportive fashion, she had me cross the finish line first... even though she could have done the whole thing in half the time it took "us". (She has run Marathons and ultra marathons!!) So thank you for a great day. My body is still reminding me of my success!
Thanks. Margo

Thanks for all the hard work organizing the event. The run was wonderfully scenic and I'm sure to sign up for next year. Really well done! Margaret MacDonald

I think it would be a good idea to also mark the final 200 or 300 meters of the course. Because it finished on a corner, there was very little time to sprint to the finish. You don't want to sprint unless you are sure you will make it all the way to the finish line, and I had no idea how close I actually was.

You guys did a great job, thanks for everything.

Gary Robbins, Whistler

Hi Teresa,

I just wanted to let you know I had an awesome time at the run on Sunday. The course was perfect and everyone involved seemed to have such a positive attitude, it was great to see. My body's still recovering, but it was well worth the punishment.
Also, thanks for the comp entry and the recognition at the awards brunch and in the follow-up e-mail. My time's not listed in the results, but I remember it was between 1:47:03 and 1:47:05.
I'm glad we could help out this year, and look forward to working with you in the future,

Steve Evans
Marketing Coordinator
Canadian Springs Water Company

Great race, thanks very much to the organisers. The race was well-organised but still low-key and relaxed and the scenery on the Sunshine Coast is beautiful. The only thing I wasn't so happy about was the hill at 11 miles....!!! :)

Thanks again.
Trudi Jackson


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