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Early Start

8:17am start for Walkers & 3:00+ Runners

Walkers are welcome! All walkers (except race walkers faster than 3 hrs) will start together at the official early start. Relay teams may use the early start ONLY if ALL team members are walkers. Be sure to register as a walker so we can assign your bib number accordingly: select the Early Start event when entering online, or check the "3:00+ Early start" box on the printed entry forms.

Runners: if you predict a 3hr or longer finishing time, you too should go with the early start.

If you're not sure about your speed and there's any chance you might finish significantly faster than 3:00, you should definitely start with the main group (see warning below). The finish line will remain open long enough to allow for a 3:20 finish for the regular starters.

Early starters arriving at Mission Point Park less than 2.5hrs after the early start will be prevented from entering the finish chute until the 2.5hr mark has passed. This is so the overall winners clearly finish first and the top group of runners have an unobstructed sprint to the line. So, you definitely don't want to go in the early start if you're too fast for it!

Note: if you participated in the early start in the past 2 years and finished faster than 2:50, you will be automatically placed in the regular start, unless you can prove to us you will be going much slower this time (e.g. you have an injury that prevents you from running at all).

walking division

The early start division is chip timed, the same as the regular start.

Be at the official start line on Park Road (approx 300m north of the Community Centre) 10 minutes before the early start time. If you do not get a chance to pick up your package before race day, you may pick it up in the Community Centre starting at 7:45am.

The first water station will be open for you 40 minutes after you start (no one predicting 3:00 or slower should be arriving at 5.5km faster than that!).

walking division

Please walk/run on the verge in single file once the regular start runners have caught up with you, leaving plenty of room for them to pass you without going into the roadway.

We highly recommend that you wear a reflective visi-vest or other very bright outerwear. Note, the use of personal stereo/headphones/iPod is strongly discouraged as you will not be able to hear approaching vehicles and runners or volunteer instructions, putting yourself and others at risk.

When entering the finish area, please stay to the LEFT in SINGLE FILE so that faster runners can pass on your right. Make sure your number is clearly visible on your front.

Above photo by Mike Pearson. Other photos by Duane Burnett & Leo Lam.


Walkers welcome