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Relay Division

2- or 4-Person Relay

You don't have to do an entire half marathon to participate — teams of 2 or 4 can run the BMO Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run as a relay, going just half or quarter of the distance instead. And each relay member still receives a finisher's medal!

Shuttle buses will be available to take relay runners to the exchange points and to the finish, free of charge. If you plan to drive, please note vehicle access and restrictions.

Leg Descriptions

See Interactive course map for reference. The relay exchanges are marked with little notepads.

  • Leg 1: 5.75km
    Start to top of Veterans (near Hwy). Gentle ups and downs. Easy to Medium.
  • Leg 2: 5.25km
    Veterans to Lower Road at Joe Road. Flat, then big downhill followed by gently undulating, net downhill. Easy.
  • Leg 3: 4.7km
    Lower Road at Joe Road to top of Marlene Road near highway. Long gentle downhill and flat, then gradual climbing, one short downhill section, one steeper uphill flattening out at the end. Medium.
  • Leg 4: 5.4km
    Top of Marlene to Finish. Flat at first, slight incline, then big downhill and flat. Easy.


How to get to the Exchange Points

See Interactive course map. The relay exchanges are marked with little notepads.

The exchange zones are marked by sawhorse barricades. Touch hands within the zone to complete the exchange.

DO NOT DRIVE ON THE RACE ROUTE except where it follows the highway. Absolutely no relay team vehicles allowed along Lower Road, Beach Avenue or Marlene Road. There is alternative access to each exchange. Look for signs on the highway saying "EXCH 1" etc. Leave the start area before 9:15am or you will be blocked by runners crossing the highway.

  • Exchange 1 (end of leg 1): on Veterans Road near Hwy 101

    From the Community Centre, go left down Park Rd and turn right onto the highway, then left at Veterans, about 500m away. Turn immediately left again (really immediately, as in 5 metres) and park on the frontage road parallel to the highway. If you park on the right side frontage road you won't be able to exit once the runners arrive. Do not drive down or park on Veterans.

  • Exchange 2 access
  • Exchange 2 (end of leg 2): Lower Road near Joe Road

    To access this exchange, continue along the highway all the way to Joe Road (DO NOT turn left onto Lower Road, the race route). Turn left on Joe and proceed nearly to the bottom, turn around and park on Joe. DO NOT drive or park on Lower Road (race route). Click map to enlarge. When leaving, go back up Joe Road to the highway and turn left towards Sechelt.

  • Exchange 3 (end of leg 3): Marlene Road near Hwy 101

    Continue along the highway towards Sechelt for approximately 6km. Pull off to the right onto Lockyer to park (across the highway just past Marlene), and cross the highway on foot VERY CAREFULLY. DO NOT drive or park on Marlene Road (race route).

  • Finish: Mission Point Park

    Get back on the highway from Lockyer and continue towards Sechelt. You are now on the race route (allowed). At Davis Bay, drive past the finish area to the beach parking lot, or turn right on Whitaker to park on side streets. Use the crosswalk at Westley or Mission Point Park to get across the highway safely. No parking on the highway within 100m of Mission Point Park.


Relay Rules

  • Only the final runner may go through the finish line. Teammates must not enter the finish chute or you could mess up the results!
  • An individual half-marathon entrant cannot run a leg for a relay team. It's one or the other.
  • A person may not run for more than one relay team.
  • Relay teams cannot use the early start except with special permission from the race director.
  • Each relay team will have a single race kit at packet pickup, labelled by team name.
  • Each relay team member must wear a bib #, clearly visible on the front.
  • There are TWO timing chip bibs per team. These bibs must be worn by the first and last runners.
  • 2-Person teams may run the 4 legs in any order they wish — as long as you each run 2 legs. Alternating, two and two, or a 'sandwich' — it's up to you! As long as the first and last runners wear the bibs with the timing chip.
  • If you are the final runner, mention to the finisher medal volunteer that you are on a relay team so you can get the right number of medals for your team — tell the volunteer 2 or 4.
  • Only the final runner may go through the finish line. We're repeating this because at least one team ignored this rule in 2018.


Relay Registration Help

On the registration site we've set things up so you can create a relay team and register yourself as part of it, before you know who your teammates will be. Each member can be invited to join, and can pay for their own registration.

Each member pays the fee that applies at the time they make their payment. So you could get the early rate while a procrastinating teammate pays the late fee.

Instructions for Team Captains on the Registration Logic site:

  1. Create your team with you as the captain.
  2. Add yourself to the team and complete your personal info, then pay for yourself (the 'Make Payment' button will not be active until your personal info is complete). You will receive a confirmation email containing a link to access your Team Summary page at any time. You can also access it here. Save the email or bookmark the link!
  3. Invite your teammates to join using the orange 'Invite a Team Member' button on your Team Summary page. Tell them to watch for the email, which contains a special link. They must then register using the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS used to invite them, otherwise your team may already show as 'full' when they try to sign up. If they want to use a different email, you can cancel the invite and send a new one to the email they want to use.
    Add your teammates yourself via the green 'Add a Team Member' button, if you have their personal info.

IMPORTANT! Every team member must complete their info and pay before online registration closes, or your team will not be assigned a race # and there will be no race kit ready at packet pickup.

To add info to an incomplete team member, or to change info for a member, scroll down to the 'Team Members' section of your Team Summary page. For the person you wish to update, use the button under the 'Action' column, and select 'Edit Team Member'. (Access your Team Summary page via this link.)

Relay reg tip 1


Relay Awards

Awards will be given to the top three 2-person relays in each category and top two 4-person relays in each category. Categories are based on gender only: Men/Mixed (at least one male) and Women (all females).


Would you like to do the relay but don't have a team?

Send a message to with your basic information (name, estimated pace, email and telephone) and we will put you in touch with others looking for teammates.

"The route was beautiful. My husband and I participated in the relay and we can only hope that more organizers see how much fun a relay event is. The start line was convenient to the hotel, and the finish line can't be beat — who doesn't love a beach???!!! Oh, and before I forget, the shirts are the best we've seen. Thanks for making our weekend away fun and exciting!" — Cheryl Ennis, Maple Ridge (2010)


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